For many people, the concept of entering a ‘drug rehab centre’ is a frightening one. If you are a drug user, you may believe you have gotten your habit under control, and you are not the ‘type’ to develop an addiction. However, if you have found this page, chances are you are concerned about your drug consumption.

However, merely finding this page from the many billions of other web pages means you are likely ‘calling out for help’. The next logical step is to contact us on 0125 353 0553. When you contact us, we can carry out a free assessment so we can correctly determine your needs and the best way to move forward in terms of your treatment.

Why seek help now and not later

Chances are, you will likely require rehabilitating due to your excessive drug use. This really is ‘no big’ thing. However, continuing to take drugs is a major issue, and could threaten your very existence if you do not admit to yourself that you have a problem that needs urgent professional attention. You make the decision. Either do nothing and risk death, or contact us today for a brighter, happier and more fulfilling future.

For many people ‘hooked’ on drugs, the cost of continuing to consume drugs is too great. Drug addiction takes its toll on your physical health, mental health, finances and family life. It’s no wonder people claim to have hit ‘rock bottom’ when they eventually seek out professional assistance to help them defeat their addiction.

The dangers of self-help

Giving up drugs without professional assistance is dangerous. Why? Because going ‘cold turkey’ invariably means you will suffer from a range of entirely avoidable withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms also make it much more likely that you will relapse shortly after trying to ‘get clean’. Moreover, when you choose to undergo a DIY detox, it’s unlikely you will receive any therapy or counselling sessions.

This means the mental causes of drug addiction are largely untreated when you choose to undergo a DIY detox. These mental issues mean you will always be stuck in the ‘revolving doors’ of sobriety and relapse.

How we can help

You can avoid this dangerous and frustrating cycle by instead choosing to undergo your detox programme at Ocean Recovery Centre. We maintain a national network of residential rehabilitation centres. Our main centre is based in Lancashire, although we also have centres in Gloucestershire, Leicestershire and Hertfordshire.

When you attend our residential rehabilitation centre for drug addiction, you will benefit from a thorough psychiatric assessment upon admission. The psychiatrist will prescribe you with medication to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms during your detox. This is typically a ‘pro re nata’ prescription. This allows our clinic team to increase your dosage of anti-withdrawal medications based on the severity of withdrawal symptoms you experience during your detox programme.

Overcoming emotional causes of drug addiction

In conjunction to a clinically assisted detox, you will also benefit from a wide range of therapies. This includes ‘talking therapies’ such as psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, and also a range of ‘complimentary therapies’ such as art therapy, music therapy and a range of holistic therapies.

Getting help now

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we are a private rehabilitation clinic. This means you must generally ‘self-fund’ your own treatment. However, we also accept statutory referrals and payment by way of medical insurance. Many of our clients choose to self-fund their own treatment costs or alternatively seek financial assistance from friends and family members. If you would like more information on our costs and potential sources of funding, contact us today on 0125 353 0553.