The primary way of entering our rehabilitation centre is through private payment. Treatment at our Blackpool centre starts from as little as £3495 for our acclaimed residential rehabilitation programme.

Our personalised rehabilitation programme includes:

  • Formation of personalised rehabilitation programme
  • Review of medical records and other pertinent documents
  • Medically supervised detoxification
  • Post detoxification counselling and therapy sessions
  • Leaflets, books and other educational material
  • Four nutritious meals per day
  • Accommodation
  • Aftercare and extended care after rehabilitation has concluded

If you would like to pay privately

If the patient you are referring is to pay privately you are able to reserve a spot on our rehabilitation programme at Ocean recovery in Blackpool by paying £1500 in advance. The patient is able to be admitted into the centre usually within 48 hours. This may be delayed if medical records are required.

If you would like additional information on admitting a patient privately to our centre please dial 0125 353 0553 today. Alternatively complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will respond shortly.