Only a short decade ago people in living in Bolton had little support in the way of professional drug and alcohol treatment. The most assistance you could expect was a visit to your local GP. Unlike other health problems, your NHS general practitioner would have available no ‘specialist’ to refer you to. You were therefore expected to ‘sort yourself out’ or ‘try to cut down on your drinking or drug use’.

The benefits of ‘going private’

Fortunately and thanks to Ocean Recovery Centre, people living in Bolton now have access to private yet affordable alcohol and drug addiction treatment. This treatment takes place at our stunning and ultra-modern 12-bed rehab centre located in Blackpool, Lancashire. Out treatments are based on scientifically-proven therapies such as CBT, psychotherapy and a range of ‘holistic therapies.’ Together, these therapies are designed to ensure your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is long and lasting.

Giving you the confidence in our treatments

Since this treatment is private, you must be able to pay for your treatment. However, we wish for you to view this outlay as an investment. Naturally, you may be reluctant to part with you money in order to access treatment you are frankly unsure of. To overcome this objection, we invite you to travel from your Bolton home and visit our Blackpool rehab clinic so you may see our treatments for yourself and without risking a penny in the process.

This offer doesn’t require the transfer of money from one bank account to another. Yes, you are able to view our rehab centre without any financial commitment whatsoever. Here you will meet our highly experienced staff members. Some of our staff members have themselves defeated their own addiction in their own past. When you visit our rehab centre in Blackpool, you will witness first-hand the caring and empathetic environment we have created for our patients.

Providing an empathetic and caring environment

This empathy is backed up by our commitment to hiring therapists who specialise in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, many of our therapists are now international authorities in the specialist field of drug and alcohol addiction. Many of our therapists have authored their own books and written important academic papers in the field of addiction research. This ensures you receive effective treatment that’s dispensed by experts in this field of professionalism.

Getting the help you need now

Before you contact our admissions team, we request you conduct a small thought-exercise to determine your treatment goals. Look over our website and judge the information we provide. After you have conducted this short exercise, we urge you to contact our admissions team on 0125 353 0553 or contact us through this website. If you contact us soon, you will be able to accept our special and time-limited offer to view our rehab clinic before you commit to our treatments.