Office of National Statistics data reveals Manchester suffers the greatest proportion of alcoholism in the North West of England. To meet these needs, Ocean Recovery Centre offers a comprehensive alcohol rehabilitation service in the Manchester and Greater Manchester region.

Overcoming addiction alone rarely results in success. Getting quality treatment increases your chances of success considerably. Ocean Recovery Centre offers Manchester residents a world-class rehabilitation centre right on their doorstep. This means you or your family member receives the required amount of professional support needed to defeat alcoholism.

If you are or a family member suffer from alcoholism in the Manchester area then call Ocean Recovery today on 0125 353 0553.

About our Manchester rehab programme

The rehabilitation programme we offer runs for around 10 to 28 days depending on the severity of your alcoholism. You must leave your Manchester home and travel to our rehabilitation centre located in Blackpool.

When you arrive at our Blackpool centre you will be greeted by our friendly staff and our resident psychiatrist. You may be prescribe medication designed to ease the alcohol detox process you must complete during rehabilitation. During your detox you will likely experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. This includes ‘the shakes’, delirium tremens and nausea. Thankfully we provide the right amount of professional support to get you through this troublesome time.

Therapies we provide

As soon as you enter rehab you will take part in a range of therapy and counselling sessions. We offer both group and individual therapy sessions. We employ specialist therapists who are experts in the substance misuse field. Therapy helps patients identify mental triggers of alcohol addiction. Patients are then taught to deal with these triggers in ways not involving alcohol.

Patients also engage in a range of holistic therapies such as reiki, reflexology and meditation. These ancient therapies have proven time and time again their value in helping patients fight off alcohol cravings after rehabilitation has concluded.

Aftercare and relapse prevention

All patients are provided with extensive aftercare once rehabilitation concludes. Aftercare sessions are provided each Saturday at our Blackpool centre for a further fifty two weeks following the conclusion of your residential programme.

Once rehab concludes patients are also encouraged to attend a SMART Recovery or AA meeting taking place in their local area.


Now read what some of our former clients had to say about our service:

I attended Ocean Recovery for alcohol addiction. I was drinking heavily and I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms as a result. The programme really turned my life around. I’ve now started a new job and I’m doing a Spanish course at a night class. This would not have been possible without the help and support I received through Ocean Recovery Centre. The detox was vital but what I got the most from was all the psychotherapy and holistic therapies, plus all the scientific education on how addiction works. I also could not speak more highly of the staff who gave me the strength to get through this difficult period in my life.

Cath – Cheshire

The help and support I received at Ocean Recovery saved my mind, family and business. The therapy and counselling I received gave me the tools and techniques to deal with life’s stresses in ways not involving alcohol and cocaine. Before I came into the centre I was drinking a bottle of vodka and snorting four grams of cocaine per day. My life was structured chaotically and going into the centre gave me the sanity I needed to get clean. Now I feel like the wind is behind me. I’ve moved out of the surroundings I was in as an addict and I now hit the gym five times a week

Steven – Manchester

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