Ocean Recovery Centre offers residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for people living in Sheffield. This service is conducted at our fantastic residential rehabilitation centre located in Lancashire. We offer a modern 12 bed facility. All staff members are seasoned addiction professionals who are capable of treating all types of addiction. This includes an addiction to drugs, alcohol and many behavioural addictions.

Drug and alcohol detox in Sheffield

Our rehabilitation programme lasts for around 28 days. However, we also offer a range of ‘rapid’ detoxes you may complete in as little as five days. When you are admitted into our rehabilitation centre you must initially complete a detoxification. This ensures toxic levels of drugs and alcohol are removed from your system before your rehabilitation programme begins.

Treatments we offer at Ocean Recovery Centre

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer a range of personalised therapies. These therapies include group therapy, one-to-ones and a range of alternative ‘holistic’ therapies. Holistic therapies include acupuncture, reflexology, art therapy, massage, mindfulness and more.

When you choose Ocean Recovery Centre, you are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the centre. We employ a team of cleaners, chefs and assistants to ensure all of life’s ‘chores’ are taken care for you. You do not have to cook or clean whilst in our care. This allows you to relax and spend all of your precious time working with our therapists and counsellors.

Identifying and defeating destructive thoughts and beliefs

During therapy sessions, we identify thoughts and beliefs that fuel your addictive behaviours. We also help you identify your triggers of addiction. To achieve this shift in core beliefs, we utilise modern therapy techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive mindfulness relapse prevention. Many of your erroneous beliefs and behaviours will often continue without you being consciously aware of them. During therapy, we aim to bring these beliefs and thoughts to the forefront. This gives you the opportunity to challenge these thoughts and beliefs and reshape your self-image so you do not continuously fall foul of self-destructive behaviours.

Free 12 months aftercare programme

Following the completion of your rehabilitation programme, we offer a generous 12-month long aftercare programme. We hold weekly aftercare sessions at our rehabilitation centre in Lancashire. We also ensure you attend local meetings in Sheffield. Many of our past clients are located in Sheffield and when you sign up to Ocean Recovery Centre, you gain access to this community of recovered addicts who will be happy to help you through the critical initial 12 months of your sobriety.

AA meetings taking place in Sheffield

Below we list AA meetings taking place in Sheffield:

SheffieldRm 46, Victoria Hall, Norfolk StFriday13:00
SheffieldRoom 46, Victoria Hall, Chapel WalkSaturday10:00
SheffieldRoom 46, Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk StWednesday13:00
SheffieldHoulden Hall, 11 Norfolk RowWednesday19:00


Getting help before it’s too late

To learn more about our alcohol and drug rehabilitation programmes available in Sheffield, contact our admissions team today on 0125 353 0553. Alternatively, contact us through this website.