Do you live in Warrington and suffer from an addiction to drug and/or alcohol? Do you wish to make a positive change in your lifestyle so you live longer, earn more money and live a happier and more fulfilling life? If so, we ask you read the below message carefully, because at Ocean Recovery Centre we now offer a range of revolutionary treatments for alcoholism and drug addiction in Warrington that will allow you to achieve your objectives in defeating your addiction for good.

Come and see our treatments for yourself – for free!

If we could prove to you at our own expense how our treatments will help you overcome your addiction for good, would you be willing to invest thirty minutes in hearing us out? All we want is for you to EXAMINE our treatments and rehabilitation facilities for yourself in person.

To achieve this, you must be willing to travel to our rehabilitation facility in order to view for yourself the depth and intensity of our treatments. Here, you will discover the wonders of our modern therapies, and you will be able to judge for yourself whether our rehabilitation programme will be worth the price we ask you to invest. Once you’ve witnessed our recovery centre, you may consider for yourself, in private, whether or not you wish to pursue our programme for an agreed period of time that fits the severity and nature of your addiction.

We’ve stood the test of time

For years, our experienced addiction therapists and counsellors have worked hard in applying their craft. Many of our therapists have conquered their own personal battle with addiction and lived to tell the tale to a whole new generation of addicts. Many of our therapists have given up lucrative work in private practice to help those suffering from addiction.

The result of their effects is a modern and effective programme of rehabilitation that’s worked for thousands of people living in the North West of England. The effectiveness of our recovery programme owes its strength to the tenacity and hard work of our professional recovery workers and therapist who work tireless in forever evolving their techniques and strategies.

A highly structured approach – not for the light hearted

When you attend our rehabilitation programme, you should not expect to relax and sit around watching TV all day. Instead, we expect you to take part in a highly structured programme of group and individual therapy sessions. These sessions will give you the faith you need to recovery from you addiction to drugs and alcohol.

By the time you have completed our programme, you shall feel truly liberated from your addiction. You will be devoted to your new life in recovery. Thank about it for one second! A life without drugs, a life without alcohol, and a life without destruction? Is this not something you are not at least willing to let us DEMONSTRATE and SHOW you how this future is possible for you and your loved ones? To achieve this, we invite you and your loved one to visit our rehabiliation centre at no cost and see our treatments for yourself without risking a penny.

Remember, you drug/alcohol future is only a telephone call away. Why not receive your treatment under the guidance of our industry leading addiction therapists and councillors? What other private service could offer you such an unbelievable offer? Over the years, we’ve employed some of the greatest minds in addiction therapy. You see, we don’t just provide you with the best possible addiction treatment whilst you are in our care, but we also offer you a fantastic year-long aftercare programme.

But how much does this aftercare programme cost? The answer is simple. By choosing to sign up to our revolutionary treatment programme, you also gain access to our aftercare programme at absolutely no additional cost! This we believe is the bargain of the century, particularly because defeating your alcoholism will literally add years on to your lifespan and vastly improve your daily quality of life.

Examine our rehabilitation centre – at our expense!

When you wish to view our centre for yourself, you literally won’t pay a penny! Simply contact our admissions team on 0125 353 0553 and we shall arrange a time and date for you to inspect our rehabilitation centre for yourself. We also supply you with a modern brochure containing high-resolution pictures of our recovery centre. Keep our brochures for as long as you wish.

Browse through the brochuress, read them and enjoy them. When you contact us, we won’t pressure you to invest in our treatments because we understand and truly believe it is up to you to make your mind up in your own way without our influence. After all, defeating addiction requires a commitment only you are able to make. If you decide not to stay, you may return our brochures without question and at our expense.