Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehab in Chorley

If you live in Chorley and if you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, then it’s likely you will benefit from what follows. Over the past few years, it’s likely you have suffered from varying degrees of anxiety and depression. You’ve probably started to abuse drink and drugs as a way of escaping or alleviating these feelings. Eventually, the drink and drugs start to cause more harm than good. You reach the point where you simply cannot go on living with your addiction. You are now faced with a choice: you can reach out for help or you can continue to spiral out of control until you cease to exist.

If the above paints an accurate picture of where you currently stand, then it’s probably a wise idea to reach out for professional help. You need to know that you are not alone and that many people have experienced your situation to live to tell the tale. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we employ many of these people who are now thriving in their recovery. When you contact us, you will make contact with a person who is living in recovery, and we will give you the hope that you can succeed too. To take back control of your life, contacting Ocean Recovery Centre today on 0125 353 0553.

Private drug and alcohol rehab services

In Chorley, there are many people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Many of these people seek help from their GP but Government cuts have meant there is simply no publically funded help available. To help fill this void, Ocean Recovery Centre offers private drug and alcohol addiction treatment at a residential facility in Blackpool, Lancashire. The treatment we offer means you receive the maximum amount of professional support throughout your detox and rehabilitation programme.

To access drug and alcohol rehab through Ocean Recovery Centre, all you must do is contact us by telephone or by email. Once you have taken this action, an advisor will walk you through a short telephone assessment. During this assessment, we will determine which particular service we offer will benefit you the most. We generally recommend you begin your treatment with residential treatment. This then progresses onto an outclient treatment programme through the provision of aftercare services.

Residential rehab treatment

During your residential programme, you will benefit from 24/7 medical attention. You will also take part in likely therapy sessions during the day. Therapy sessions are run by gifted addiction counsellors. These sessions take place in group settings. You will also benefit from one-to-one therapy sessions. These therapy sessions begin during the detox portion of rehab. Once you have completed your detox, you will then solely concentrate on the therapeutic aspect of rehabilitation.

In order to achieve your long-term treatment goals, you will benefit from an extensive therapeutic evaluation. This evaluation is updated throughout your treatment programme. You will be assigned to an addiction worker who will be familiar with your case. This addiction worker will help you achieve your agreed recovery goals both during and after you have completed your residential rehabilitation programme.

Your appointed addiction worker will also assess the history of your addiction and the likely causes of your addiction. For instance, you may suffer from an addiction due to a traumatic incident or series of incidents you experienced during childhood. During residential rehab, you will take part in one-to-one therapy sessions. In these sessions, the therapist will make use of advanced techniques such as psychotherapy to help you unearth and neutralise the memories attached to these traumatic experiences so that you no longer feel the need to resort to drug and alcohol consumption.

Get our help now

To learn about how we may assist you in Chorley, consider getting in touch with Ocean Recovery Centre today. We will formulate a plan of action to ensure your recovery goals are a success. We offer support across Lancashire, although our main clinic is based in Blackpool. We have partnered with Councils, charities and support groups across the region, and you may benefit from these connections when you complete the residential portion of your treatment.