Alcohol Rehab in Lancashire

Ocean Recovery Centre is Lancashire’s premier provider of residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Over the last five years, we have really excelled in providing North West England with the UK’s absolute best in addiction treatment. In this time, we have assisted thousands of people who sought to defeat their addiction to drugs and alcohol, and we are confident we can help you too.

Our overall aim is to assist you in reaching your long-term abstinence goal. We achieve this by providing you with a fully tailored rehabilitation programmes that’s designed to meet your exact needs. We are fully committed to our status as a market leading provider of residential rehabilitation services in the North West of England. Our centre in Lancashire is ultra-modern and well-maintained. All clients benefit from en-suite bedrooms and comfortable surroundings.

Our treatment outlook

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we subscribe and support the ‘disease theory of addiction’. This means our clients are never ‘judged’ or looked down upon due to their addiction. Many of our staff members are themselves ‘in recovery’ and we know exactly how you may be feeling about the prospect of entering an addiction treatment centre for the very first time.

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we insist on providing treatment in residential settings. This means you are allowed to ‘escape’ from life’s pressures whilst you undergo your treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. You are given enough ‘breathing space’ to collect your thoughts and then build up the required emotional strength to avoid relapse once you return home.

About our therapies

You will work with a variety of professionals during your treatment programme. This includes our clinic team and a range of gifted therapists. You will benefit from a range of diverse therapies including 12-step work, CBT, person-centred and holistic therapies. Our therapies are proven to make a real difference for your long-term recovery outlook. At Ocean Recovery Centre, our goal is to provide our clients with long-term and life-long recovery, and the therapies we offer are designed to assist in helping us meet this goal.

Benefits we offer

Below we list some of the treatment services we offer at our residential treatment centre in Blackpool, Lancashire:

    • 12 Steps – we assist clients who will benefit from the ’12 steps’ as promoted by AA and NA. However, we are not a ’12 step’ centred treatment provider and you will not be required to engage with the 12 Steps if you do not wish to.
    • CBT – we provide daily CBT sessions. This allows you to analyse thoughts and emotions that fuel your addiction to drugs and alcohol.
    • Holistic therapy – we offer you a wide range of holistic and complementary therapies. These include accu-detox, acupuncture, massage, art therapy, reflexology, massage, yoga and more.
    • Food – fresh food is prepared for you each day by our team of nutritionists and professional chefs. You are not required to cook throughout your stay at Ocean Recovery Centre.
    • Intervention – we offer a free intervention service if your loved one is not willing to accept the fact he or she requires professional help.
    • Modern facilities – 12 bedrooms and 24/7 care and attention.

At Ocean Recovery Centre in Lancashire, we offer you a state-of-the-art rehabilitation experience. All staff members are highly trained and well-regarded within the addiction treatment industry. We are dedicated to ensuring your recovery is long-lasting and rewarding.

Get in touch today

We offer immediate admissions. This means you are not required to submit to a lengthy waiting process. We do not require a ‘doctor’s referral’. This means you are not required to officially declare that you have received treatment for your addiction at a rehabiliation centre. To enquire about our services, contact us today on 0125 353 0553 or contact us through this website.