Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

Are you a chronic alcoholic unsure of where to turn? Or perhaps you have had some success ‘in recovery’ and you have recently ‘fallen off the wagon’. If these assertions ring true and you live in the Liverpool area and looking for alcohol rehab then why not consider Ocean Recovery Centre’s modern alcohol rehab clinic? We are conveniently located in Blackpool, Lancashire. Our location means we are not too far away from your Liverpool home, yet far away enough so that you are removed from your ‘using environment’ and external ‘triggers of addiction’. We operate a shuttle service between Liverpool and Blackpool. This means we are easily accessible from anywhere in Merseyside and at short-notice. We offer ‘same day’ and ‘next day’ admissions. This ultimately allows you to access state-of-the-art alcohol recovery services on short notice. We believe alcoholism is a medical emergency requiring speedy access to professions capable of treating this illness.

How alcohol rehab Liverpool treatment begins

Before you attend our residential detox unit you must complete a short but important pre-admissions assessment. This assessment aims to gather important facts concerning your addiction. We determine the severity and duration of your illness.  We note basic details regarding your medical history, as well as any specific needs relating to your mobility and state of mental health. Following this assessment, you receive an admissions date. This date depends on many different factors such as your availability and funding arrangements. The vast majority of clients are admitted within twenty-four hours following the completion of their pre-admission assessment. This is a particularly luxury of choosing a private rehab provider. You will not be required to suffer long ‘waiting lists’ that are common for publically funded detox programmes. Many of these public providers require you to wait for around twelve months in order to receive your detox.

What happens following your admission

When you attend Ocean Recovery you receive a thorough physical and mental examination. This examination is conducted by our consultant psychiatrist. Following your examination, a medically assisted detox plan is drawn up. The psychiatrist typically writes you out a prescription for a drug known as Librium. A ‘Librium’ assisted detox significantly reduces otherwise painful withdrawal symptoms. The acute period of alcohol detox lasts for up to ten days. Following your detox, you may return to your home. However, many of our clients opt for a twenty-eight-day rehab programme. This allows our clients ample time to address the psychological causes of addiction. Detox alone is rarely sufficient at treating alcoholism. This is because alcoholism is a symptom of traumatic events that occurred in the addict’s past. Therapy unravels these events and allows clients to cope with these ‘addiction triggers’ in ways not involving alcohol use. Therapy affords clients the tools to forge a solid and long-term recovery from alcoholism. Without these tools clients are much more likely to suffer a ‘relapse’ within the first six months of their recovery.

What happens following your rehab

Following the completion of residential rehabilitation, all clients receive twelve months’ worth of aftercare. These sessions take place weekly at our Blackpool centre. This allows you to return to our detox clinic in order to receive ‘top-up’ therapy. Aftercare sessions are essential for those vital first few months in recovery when you are at a heightened risk of suffering from relapse. Relapse prevention is the cornerstone of our rehabilitation programme. Without this commitment to aftercare, many of our clients’ hard earned recovery would be put at unnecessary and unacceptable risk.

Further, we encourage clients to attend local Alcoholics’ Anonymous groups taking place around Merseyside. Below we list the times, dates and venues for AA meetings taking place in the Liverpool area:

Liverpool Big Book Step Study88 Rodney Street, (entrance at gable end on Upper Duke Street).Wednesday19:00
St Michael’s ChinatownSt Michael’s in the City, Upper Pitt StreetSaturday21:00
MerseySt Nicholas Church Hall, (upstairs), Chapel StreetTuesday19:00
St NicholasSt Nicholas Church Hall (upstairs), Old Church Yard,Monday19:00
Liverpool: St Andrew’sSt Andrew’s Church Hall, Clubmoor, 176 Queens DriveFriday19:00

Patient testimonials

Now read what some of our former clients had to say about our service:

I attended Ocean Recovery for alcohol addiction. I was drinking heavily and I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms as a result. The programme really turned my life around. I’ve now started a new job and I’m doing a Spanish course at a night class. This would not have been possible without the help and support I received through Ocean Recovery Centre. The detox was vital but what I got the most from was all the psychotherapy and holistic therapies, plus all the scientific education on how addiction works. I also could not speak more highly of the staff who gave me the strength to get through this difficult period in my life.

Cath – Cheshire

The help and support I received at Ocean Recovery saved my mind, family and business. The therapy and counselling I received gave me the tools and techniques to deal with life’s stresses in ways not involving alcohol and cocaine. Before I came into the centre I was drinking a bottle of vodka and snorting four grams of cocaine per day. My life was structured chaotically and going into the centre gave me the sanity I needed to get clean. Now I feel like the wind is behind me. I’ve moved out of the surroundings I was in as an addict and I now hit the gym five times a week

Steven – Manchester

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