Drug Rehab Manchester

Do you live in Manchester and suffer from an addiction to drugs?  If so, you no longer have to suffer alone. With the help of Ocean Recovery Centre, your fight against drug addiction isn’t a challenge  you must face in isolation.

When you contact our team, you are dealing with individuals who have fought drug addiction themselves. This means you will not be stigmatised. We understand your language and above all, we can navigate you to a place where you will receive expert treatment for your drug addiction in residential settings.

Initial steps for drug rehab in Manchester

Many people contacting Ocean Recovery Centre are totally unaware of the treatment programmes available to help reverse their addiction to drugs. To take out this guess work, our admissions team work with you over the telephone so that you are fully aware of all the various treatment options available to you in Manchester.

Why we recommend residential drug treatment

By far the superior form of drug addiction treatment available to you today is residential addiction treatment. Why? Because residential treatment means you are removed from your ‘drug using’ environment in Manchester. You will be whisked away to a countryside location outside of Manchester where you will be detoxed and rehabilitated by a professional team of addiction workers.

The importance of drug detoxing in Manchester

Detoxification means you will begin a treatment programme that focuses on abstinence. Why? Because this treatment means you are finally allowed to break away from the ‘revolving doors’ of addiction that’s all too common on a ‘harm reduction’ or substitution programme. Abstinence means you can take back your life and live drug-free for the remainder of your life.

Since we employ a team of medical experts, you may detox from a range of drugs in a totally safe environment. Detoxing alone is often dangerous or at the very least highly uncomfortable. When you choose to detox at our drug rehab clinic in Manchester, you do so in the safest environment possible.

Our drug rehab experts in Manchester

We employ psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists who are trained to detox people in a safe and comfortable manner. We provide you with drugs designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms, however, these drugs are not addictive themselves, so there is no risk of becoming addicted to these drugs that are designed to assist the detoxification process.

Making use of a tapered drug detox

Essentially, this process is known as ‘tapering’ or ‘weaning’. This requires you to take a reducing dose of drugs that will prevent the sudden onset of withdrawal symptoms. For instance, if you are addicted to heroin, we shall prescribe you a tapered dose of subutex. If you addicted to benzodiazepines, we shall prescribe you an alternative benzodiazepine with a slow onset and long half-life.

A highly tailored drug rehab and detox program

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we understand that you are a unique and intelligent person. Merely because you suffer from an addiction does not mean you should be written off as a ‘lost cause.’ We also understand that your addiction is often a tool to mask deeper psychological pain you feel.

For this reason, we ensure you receive a highly tailored psychological assessment before your treatment begins. We then ensure you receive the right mix between group and individual therapy that’s designed to tackle the deep psychological issues you may face. By the time your drug treatment programme concludes, you will be fully rehabilitated and ready for life without drugs.

Finding drug treatment in Manchester

For more information on Ocean Recovery Centre’s drug rehab treatment in Manchester, contact us today on 0125 353 0553 or click here to contact us through this website. We guarantee you will not regret using our services in your fight against addiction to drugs.