Drug Rehab Centres

Our drug rehab centres are located in the South and North of England. Ocean Recovery Centre is able to provide a comprehensive programme of drug rehabilitation at our Blackpool centre in the North West of England. Our staff consists of medical experts and drug counsellors who are trained in providing a safe and respecting environment for our clients to undergo detoxification and rehabilitation.

Society often harshly judges those affected by addiction. Addiction is, for the most part, entirely misunderstood by the general public. Many cast stigma upon those affected by addiction and claim ‘addicts’ are entirely at fault for these problems.

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we help to educate our clients and their family members that addiction is really a disease. The individual concerned is not ‘at fault’ for experiencing this disease of addiction. In fact, we hold great respect for our clients for overcoming denial and for having the ability to stand up and admit that professional help is needed.

Each year, Ocean Recovery Centre assists hundreds of people suffering from drug addiction. We assist these people by offering a robust and highly revered drug rehabilitation programme. This programme is beneficial for a range of people suffering from drugs such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis, prescription drugs and many other varieties of drugs. We offer highly personalised treatment and we base our approach to meet your particular needs and wants.

Seeking out professional drug addiction treatment is not easy. For this reason, we offer a non-confrontational approach that will help you in attaining your long term recovery goals.

How to get help for your drug addiction

Before you attend a residential drug addiction clinic, it’s likely you have contacted your GP or your local crisis team. For some, this may yield the results you desire. However, over the last decade, addiction services have scaled back their operations due to council-led budget cuts. This has forced many to consider seeking private addiction treatment. At Ocean Recovery Centre, this is exactly what we offer. However, this treatment is highly affordable and well within grasp of most ordinary people seeking out drug addiction treatment.

One issue you typically must overcome before you seek out drug addiction treatment is denial. Many people ignore their addiction because of the stigma it brings. An addiction is often ignored despite the significant mental health and physical health problems it causes.

When you contact Ocean Recovery Centre, our helpful and empathetic admission workers help you overcome any feeling of denial, guilt and fear. We educate you on the benefits of attending a drug rehab clinic so you can truly begin to believe that a viable solution to your problem is within your reach. If you are contacting us on behalf of a loved one who refuses to admit he or she is suffering from drug addiction, we may also offer an intervention service. This service may be free of charge, depending on the complexity of the case and the level of service that’s required.

Types of drug addiction

Addiction to drugs such as cocaine and cannabis give rise to a ‘psychological dependency’. When these drugs are withdrawn, you will not experience physical withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and tremors. Instead, you will suffer from psychological withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. When you undergo a detox for a psychological dependency, you generally will not be given any substitution medications.

In contrast, a ‘physical dependency’ causes the onset of physical withdrawal symptoms when a detoxification programme is commenced. During this time, you will experience a range of physical withdrawal symptoms. You will be given prescription medications that control or eliminate these withdrawal symptoms entirely. This process is known as a medically assisted detoxification. Addiction to alcohol, heroin and benzodiazepines require a medically assisted detoxification due to the physical symptoms these drugs cause upon withdrawal.

Residential/inclient rehab

When you consider professional drug addiction treatment, you must choose between residential/inclient treatment and outclient treatment. At Ocean Recovery Centre, you must begin your treatment by undergoing a period at our residential clinic. Following this, you will then receive outclient treatment through aftercare sessions. We do not recommend you undertake treatment solely on an outclient basis. Outclient treatment is considered dangerous, particularly for those who will likely suffer from physical withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. This particularly applies to people undergoing an alcohol or opiate detox.

When you attend Ocean Recovery Centre for drug rehabilitation, you will benefit from 24/7 care from our clinical team. All of your needs will be met and your withdrawal symptoms will be closely monitored and treated. This level of care simply isn’t available when you receive your treatment on an outclient basis. When you detox at Ocean Recovery Centre, a range of experts will monitor your progress during the detoxification leg of your recovery. These professionals include psychiatrists, nurses and support workers.

Before drug rehabilitation begins

During the initial assessment, a psychological assessment will be completed with each client joining our centre. The information obtained is used to compile an individualised rehabilitation programme tailored to meet specific challenges faced by clients during rehabilitation. Initial assessment aids the selection of treatment methods and increases the probability of long-term recovery.

Our assessment officer will note the facts around your addiction, medical conditions and your medication regime. A full history of addiction will be noted. We may request your medical records. A full psychological assessment takes place to determine the severity of addiction and we note any prior rehabilitation efforts made.

During drug rehabilitation

During your stay the utmost importance is placed on respect and empathy. You will find many of our support workers have themselves been in your situation in the past. Our approach to rehabilitation is human centred rather than academic.

Drug detoxification programme

Following initial assessment for drug addiction, you will be subject to detoxification. The duration of detoxification depends on the particular drug you are addicted to. Drugs such as heroin typically take more than 10 days for withdrawal symptoms to cease. During detoxification a number of prescription drugs may be offered to ease painful withdrawal symptoms.

After drug detoxification has concluded

Upon completion of the detoxification process clients progress into therapy and counselling sessions. During this time clients are able to examine the psychological reasons behind their addiction and learn coping strategies to fight off ‘triggers of addiction’ which become available upon leaving our rehabilitation centre. Therapy sessions come in the form of therapist-led group therapy and individual therapy sessions. We believe long-term recovery requires psychological strength from within. It is the aim of therapy sessions to build psychological coping strategies which will achieve this aim.

The goal of our core drug addiction treatment is lasting abstinence. To attain this goal, we offer treatment that addresses addiction and underlying mental health issues that are often the cause of addiction in the first place. These mental health conditions are often termed ‘dual diagnosis’ issues.

Contact Ocean Recovery today

For more information on our drug rehabilitation programme, you can call our centre in Blackpool today on 0125 353 0553. We accept clients from all over the United Kingdom and we are easily accessible from Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.