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Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

Do you live in Liverpool, and you feel like your drinking is taking over your life and everything you hold dear? Or are you an already chronic drinker and feel like your life is in danger due to severe physical addiction? At our Alcohol Rehab Liverpool Centre we can help you become clean within a short period of time.

As Liverpool has been suffering from alcohol abuse as a city-  the Echo reported a few years that Liverpool ranked third in alcohol abuse nationwide, we know that you are not the only one in Liverpool who cannot stop drinking , to the detriment of your and your loved ones health. Call us today, and we will be able to help you to make the most out the rest of your life.

How Does Alcohol Rehab Liverpool Work?

Once you have decided you are indeed in need of rehab, we welcome you with open arms. At first, one of our specialists will call you for an initial interview. This assessment aims to gather important facts concerning your addiction. We determine the severity and duration of your illness.  We note basic details regarding your medical history, as well as any specific needs relating to your mobility and state of mental health. Following this assessment, you receive an admissions date. On the date of admission, we can transport you from Liverpool to Blackpool- only a short trip lasting just over an hour.

When you attend Ocean Recovery you receive a thorough physical and mental examination. This examination is conducted by our consultant psychiatrist. Following your examination, a medically assisted detox plan is drawn up. The psychiatrist typically writes you out a prescription for a drug known as Librium. A ‘Librium’ assisted detox significantly reduces otherwise painful withdrawal symptoms. The acute period of alcohol detox lasts for up to ten days. Following your detox, you may return to your home. However, many of our clients opt for a twenty-eight-day rehab programme.

During the twenty-eight-day rehab programme, we shall mostly focus on life after rehab. Many ex-addicts relapse due to the fact that there are no coping mechanisms for problems that caused them to drink in the first place. From Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to alternative therapies such as Reiki – there are many options based on your situation. Call us today for more information on Alcohol Rehab Liverpool