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Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

Social drinking is one of Britain’s favourite pastimes. Throughout history, drinking alcohol had always been viewed as a positive activity, and in most cases, when drunk in moderation, it can do no harm and be an enjoyable social activity. However, there is clearly a dark side to alcohol use that not many people see. Alcohol can do little harm when drank in small amounts – but in larger amounts, it has the potential to ruin your life.

Regular alcohol abuse can lead to serious health issues, ranging from severe liver problems to tremors and death. The government releases a new guideline every few years on alcohol intake – and where the line between healthy use and unhealthy abuse is drawn. Yet – many people do not adhere to these guidelines. This is not due to choice, but alcohol is simply very addictive.

This is very apparent in the city of Liverpool, which had been named one of the worst cities in the country for alcohol abuse.  In 2012, more than 4 in 100 hospital admissions in the city were related to alcohol abuse.

Do you live in Liverpool, and you struggle with keeping your drinking habits in order? It is not too late. You can get help today for an addiction. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer Alcohol Rehab Liverpool – for those that are tired of the problems alcohol abuse brings, but cannot stop without help. Call us today

Why Alcohol Is Harmful In Large Amounts

A lot of people know that binge drinking alcohol is not good, but not a lot of people know the harm it can do and why alcohol addiction destroys your body. Alcohol is toxic.

The Liver:

Your liver is the main victim of alcohol addiction. It is the largest organ in your body, and it is important in detoxifying your body. It essentially help your body to get rid of waste products. Alcohol damages your liver as your liver cannot break down the enzymes from alcohol, so it essentially burns the alcohol instead of fat. This leads to a disease called fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is a permanent disease that leads to many deaths around the people have been dealing with in order to be.


Alcohol also affects the heart. It weakens your heart muscle. This means that after periods of prolonged drinking it will become more difficult for your heart to keep pumping blood to the rest of your body.


There are many other indicators of physical illness in alcohol addicts:

  • Not feel hungry, not eat well, and lose weight
  • Notice tiny blood vessels on your skin that look like spider webs (spider angiomas)
  • See swelling or redness of the palms of your hands
  • Have redness on your face, especially your nose and cheeks
  • Have repeated infections and skin sores (abscesses)

Alcohol rehab Liverpool can help avoid issues with your Liver, Heart and other parts of the body.

The Effect Of Alcoholism on your brain

Once you become dependent on alcohol, you will see a rapid change in your mood and mental state of mind. Both when you have been drinking, and when you’re sober.

There are a few reasons for this, as there already may be underlying causes for your alcohol abuse and dependence. People who suffer with depression and anxiety often self-medicate by drinking alcohol; this can lead to a vicious cycle. Alcohol consumption could help an individual with anxiety or depression in the short term, but drinking lowers the serotonin levels in the brain which regulates the happy feeling in the brain. The next day you would feel worse which could lead to more drinking; in turn this would make the mental health issue worse.

How Alcohol Rehab Liverpool Works

The first step towards becoming alcohol free – is Alcohol Detox. Detoxification means clearing the toxins from your boy, literally and figuratively in the case of heroin detox. As you have been drinking alcohol , your body is used to the chemicals in alcohol, being in your bloodstream. The only way to clear these toxins from your body, is being completely stopping your alcohol intake. This comes with withdrawal symptoms, that could be quite heavy on the patient. Depending on the level of the addiction, the withdrawal symptoms can vary ranging from mild to severe. Mild symptoms could be abdominal cramps, nausea and muscle/bone aches. Moderate symptoms are diarrhoea, fatigue and vomiting. For those that have abusing alcohol for a long period of time can experience serious symptoms such as anxiety, tremors, hypertension and a dangerously high heart rate.

This is the reason why we at Alcohol Rehab Liverpool work closely with professionals who know what to do in the worst possible cases of withdrawal symptoms. Doing a heroin detox at home could be life threatening. We would advise you to pick a professional service to help you instead.

The Alcohol Rehab Liverpool clinic also contains a post detox treatment centre. This is where qualified therapists help you get to the bottom of your own thoughts, and why you started abusing alcohol and other reasons that led to your addiction. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a treatment that helps you understand yourself and your urges better. This will also help you with cravings, and find healthy ways to deal with your cravings to deal rather than giving in and drinking to make you feel better.

There are many options available at our Alcohol Rehab Liverpool. We are committed to helping you build up a better life for yourself. Call us today on 01923 804 139 for more information.