We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Stockport

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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Stockport

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Alcohol Rehab Stockport

Many people that live in Stockport, have struggled with issues related to drugs. Not only in Stockport, but also throughout the country. Recent studies have pointed out that Alcohol abuse is one of the most cited reasons for premature deaths throughout the United Kingdom. Do you live in Stockport, and you’re looking for an option in order to better you quality of life?

Ocean Recovery Centre might be able to help. We offer Alcohol Rehab Stockport, for those that are done with alcohol ruining their life. Call us today for more information on what we can offer you.

Alcohol Rehab Stockport – Alcohol Addiction:

Alcohol addiction – also known as alcoholism had been an issue for centuries. In the early 17th century, alcoholism was already a known issue, as a Greek monk had referred to ‘regular over-indulgence’ leading to seizures and internal bleeding.

Alcohol addiction does not only cause physical harm, but also harm to those that live with an alcoholic. Often, families and relationships are torn apart due to alcohol induced violent outbursts.

As you can see, falling in to the depths of alcohol addiction can ruin much more than you would have ever expected. Our Alcohol Rehab Stockport can offer you a service that could help you get clean, and stay clean.

We offer a varied programme depending on your needs, wants and severity of your current state. Normally, we use a tried and tested order of methods : Detox, and post detox treatments afterwards.

Alcohol Rehab Stockport- How we can help you:

Treatments we offer in Stockport is entirely residential. As our treatment centre is located in Blackpool, we offer transport from your Stockport home to our Alcohol Rehab clinic. At the clinic you receive the maximum amount of care and attention when withdrawal symptoms are at their peak. We employ medical professionals in order to ensure that you are under 24/7 observation in order to ease the symptoms where needed.

Whilst you detox, you engage in highly structured therapy sessions. We normally use a mix between traditional, western medicine, and holistic therapy. We offer one-on-one sessions post detox with a licensed psychologist, to reiki sessions with massage therapists.

Call our Alcohol Rehab Stockport Service for more information on what we can offer you at our professional rehab centre in Blackpool. Alternatively, contact us through this form if you have any questions regarding our services.