Ocean Recovery is able to provide a comprehensive programme of drug rehabilitation at our Blackpool centre in the North West of England. Our staff consists of medical experts and drug counsellors who are trained in providing a safe and respecting environment for our patients to undergo detoxification and rehabilitation.

Before drug rehabilitation begins

During initial assessment a psychological assessment will be completed with each patient joining our centre. The information obtained is used to compile an individualised rehabilitation programme tailored to meet specific challenges faced by patients during rehabilitation. Initial assessment aids the selection of treatment methods and increases the probability of long-term recovery.

Our assessment officer will note the facts around your addiction, medical conditions and your medication regime. A full history of addiction will be noted. We may request your medical records. A full psychological assessment takes place to determine the severity of addiction and note any prior rehabilitation efforts made.

During drug rehabilitation

During your stay the utmost importance is placed on respect and empathy. You will find many of our support workers have themselves been in your situation in the past. Our approach to rehabilitation is human centred rather than academic.

Drug detoxification programme

Following initial assessment for drug addiction you will be subject to detoxification. The duration of detoxification depends on the particular drug you are addicted to. Drugs such as heroin typically take more than 10 days for withdrawal symptoms to cease. During detoxification a number of prescription drugs may be offered to ease painful withdrawal symptoms.

After drug detoxification

Upon completion of the detoxification process patients progress into therapy and counselling sessions. During this time patients are able to examine psychological reasons behind the addiction and learn coping strategies to fight off ‘triggers of addiction’ which become available upon leaving our rehabilitation centre. Therapy sessions come in the form of therapist-led group therapy and individual therapy session. We believe long-term recovery requires psychological strength from within. It is the aim of therapy sessions to build psychological coping strategies which will achieve this aim.

Contact Ocean Recovery today

For more information on our drug rehabilitation programme you can call our centre in Blackpool today on 0125 353 0553. We accept patients from all over the United Kingdom and we are easily accessible from Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.