If you found this page you may be considering entering our programme for drug or alcohol related addiction treatment. If you have searched the Internet for a recovery centre you may be confused by the number of options presented to you. If you have researched the effectiveness of different recovery options you’ve likely discovered residential rehabilitation is by far the superior option. Ocean Recovery is in-essence a full-service residential rehabilitation centre. The rehabilitation we provide takes place in tranquil settings conducive to long-term recovery.

Residential rehabilitation centre

During rehabilitation our patients live within the confines of our centre. Because patients are physically absent from their normal surroundings patients will not have access to the usual ‘triggers of addiction’.

The rehabilitation programmes we offer have evolved over many years. Our programmes are fully tailored to patients’ specific needs. During initial assessment your needs will be fully assessed to ensure your rehabilitation programme is optimised around the facts of your addiction.

Ocean Recovery is staffed by a team of medical experts each with their own unique background in dealing with different varieties of addiction. Our staff specialise in a diverse range of rehabilitation fields and staff have gained experience in treating a range of addictions including alcohol addiction, drug addiction, anxiety, depression and eating disorders amongst others.

We employ highly regarded therapists and counsellors in their respective fields and an army of support workers, many of whom have in the past fought addiction themselves.

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If you are ready to join thousands of our past patients who have taken the road to long-lasting recovery then call Ocean Recovery today by dialing 0125 353 0553. Alternatively you are able to contact our centre by filling in the enquiry form.