Local Number: 01253 847 553

National Number: 0800 880 7596

Local Number: 01253 847 553

National Number: 0800 880 7596

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Carole Barrie, Google Review

11th April 2022

“This wonderful home showed me how to live a better life without the use of alcohol.

All the staff were person centred and took the time to listen to your problems and made the time with great learning which was greatly structured to help and guide you.

Great food,really clean and great staff.”

Joyce, 53

23rd June 2021

Thank you for getting me back to the person I once was!

Andy, 48

23rd June 2021

Unconditional Caring, Unlimited Knowledge and Undivided Attention from the most perfect team – carrying on changing lives like you have mine. You created a perfect sanctuary for me to get well again.

Marie, 26

23rd June 2021

Thank you doesn’t seem enough – this has been the best thing I’ve ever done and it is all down to your amazing team that I have come this far. My hard work starts now, but I am determined thanks to you all. See you at Aftercare.

Claire, 23

23rd June 2021

The treatment and therapy is great, but you also taught me to laugh again and that feels good!

Rosie, 62

23rd June 2021

I’ve never known such kindness, care and understanding. You have all shown me a new and different experience in a place that you make me feel so safe.

Joe, 41

23rd June 2021

Your empathy, compassion and dedication is endless; I am so grateful for the support and tools you have given me to get my life back on track.


26th May 2021

Came to ocean on 5th April for detox and rehab for 28 days .

When I came here I was surprised how warm and caring everyone was from staff to housemates , which helped me admit my addiction and get the help and care that I needed , I attended classes which I found very useful and for once in my life I listened .

I learnt this things I wanted to hear and things I didn’t want to here but it was the truth and I faced my demons . ocean recovery is a relaxed environment the food is great , housekeeping , washing cleaned daily , room was clean and tidy tea and coffee when you want as well as squash to fresh orange juice and apple .

I cannot fault ocean and would say your be in a better place when you come but I would say do the 8 days if you can you learn so much and take a lot in my confidence has gone through the roof in these 28 days so I would recommend it to anyone who needs help with your addiction so come to ocean just a big thank you to everyone involved with ocean you made my stay safe warm relaxed and thanks for having be I see you gain on zoom and the aftercare plan ocean is a place in my life that I never forget.

thank you!

Steve Tucker 59

26th May 2021

As a very long term alcoholic and drug user I never thought any rehab would work for me but at Ocean I realised there was so much more to life than drinking and getting high.

I had 28 days in Ocean and after my detox I started to really take in their ideas of living a sober drug free life. All the staff were experienced, friendly and very knowledgeable about the world of addiction and helped me focus on changing my lifestyle.

I knew, they knew it was not going to be easy making such a big decision but they guided me through a new thought process and a new way of thinking.

I am living a new happy exuberant life now and I thank the Ocean team for that. Its early days for me, 5 months sober but I will never forget the Ocean way.

The residency is in a very positive prominent position with lovely sea views, the accommodation excellent and the food menu very healthy, variable and delicious.

I would strongly recommend the Ocean Recovery Centre in Blackpool to anyone who wants to make a change and experience a bright new healthy focus on life.

Client, CQC Feedback

26th May 2021

Supported me during detox provided me with a solid aftercare plan made me feel comfortable and included.