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  • Social Media Addiction – Tips To Help

    Social Media Addiction – Tips To Help

    Worldwide, 4.66 billion people log into social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, every single day. Though using social media has its pros, such as providing us with the ability to keep in contact with our loved ones, there are also many downsides to social media usage. As we spend an increasing amount of time

  • How to Support a Loved One with Addiction

    How to Support a Loved One with Addiction

    Watching a loved one deteriorate through drug and alcohol abuse can be extremely tough. An addiction is a highly engulfing condition, which can unpredictably impact health, behaviours, decisions, and actions. Due to this, it’s normal for your relationship and perceptions to change. Although your relationship may be damaged or may feel under pressure, and although

  • 5 Reasons To Live Life Free From Addiction

    5 Reasons To Live Life Free From Addiction

    As a nation, we drink more alcohol now than ever before. Drug consumption has also drastically increased, with more than 1 in 11 adults admitting to taking drugs at least once a year. Sadly, consuming larger quantities of alcohol and administering drugs harms our physical and psychological health and contributes to an increase in the

  • Gambling addiction: The signs and symptoms

    Gambling Addiction: The Signs And Symptoms

    Compulsive gambling is recognised as a behavioural addiction, which is displayed through uncontrollable behaviours and physical choices. Whilst signs of behavioural addictions are physical, psychological associations, symptoms and problems are also common, especially through a gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is diagnosed where risky gambling activity takes its toll, even when consequences arise. For most, compulsive

  • Is Addiction a Mental Illness?

    Is Addiction a Mental Illness?

    You don’t have to go back too far to find a time when substance misuse and destructive behaviour patterns were seen purely as a matter of choice. People who developed a drug or alcohol addiction were generally seen as weak-willed or degenerate. Now with advances in medical science we are able to observe the actual

  • Can I go to Rehab with Depression?

    Can I Go To Rehab With Depression?

    Depression is a mental health condition that can develop autonomously through an emotional influence, can be pre-existing through genetics, or can be a co-occurring disorder through a dual diagnosis. Displayed through low, fluctuating, irrational and rollercoaster-like signs and symptoms, depression is a condition that can engulf day to day life, can cause behavioural and personality

  • How To Help Someone With An Addiction

    How To Help Someone With An Addiction

    Sadly, as substances are abused, addictions develop and obstruct the lives of thousands of people every day. When an individual becomes addicted to substances, it is in their best interest to secure professional treatment via a private inpatient rehab or an outpatient rehab.  However, for many reasons, the number of sufferers that do so remains

  • Looking After Employee’s Mental Health When Returning To The Office

    Looking After Employee’s Mental Health When Returning To The Office

    Being aware of the mental wellbeing of your staff is important under any circumstances; however, as people return to the workplace post-lockdown, your staff’s mental health may be particularly vulnerable. Even in a pre-Covid world mental health issues was a massive contributor to people taking sick days from work. In fact, 37% of people who

  • Mental Health Implications Of Long Covid

    Mental Health Implications Of Long Covid

    With the continuing vaccine rollout and more people protecting themselves from Covid 19 it feels like we are in the aftermath of Covid. The phrase “new normal” is being widely used and we are coming to terms with living with the virus that has decimated our way of living for the past 18 months. Despite

  • How can rehab support my mental health?

    How Can Rehab Support My Mental Health?

    Whether you’re struggling through independent mental health symptoms, or you’re displaying signs of a dual diagnosis, targeted and suitable support will be invaluable. Available through rehab, all-around recovery can be aimed for, including mental health rehabilitation. Damagingly, the stigma surrounding mental health issues makes it very difficult to reach out for and accept professional help. Yet, untreated or mistreated mental health issues and/or dual diagnosis of substance