Scotland Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Are you searching for a Scotland based drug and alcohol rehab centre? Find out more about our local recovery facility. We will get you clean.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Scotland

Drug and alcohol problems effect many people across Scotland. Alcohol is often seen as part of Scottish culture, and this has led to a huge increase in alcohol-linked deaths in the country. Scotland also has the highest rate of drug deaths in the EU, with nearly 1,200 people dying from drug-related causes in 2018. These news reports have led to many people looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland, as they want to avoid becoming one of the many deaths linked to addiction.

The Ocean Recovery Centre is set in Blackpool, just a few hours away from Scotland, offering world-class addiction treatment in our rehab centre. In a homely, welcoming environment, you can go through drug and alcohol rehab that’s been designed to get you off drugs and alcohol and to stay sober for life.


Help when you need it most

It can be extremely difficult for someone with an addiction to reach out and say they need help. Many people with a drug and alcohol addiction will be deeply in denial about the effects it’s having on their life, often believing that they have things under control or that they can stop whenever they like. When they do admit that they need help, it’s important to move quickly, so they don’t have time to change their mind. Unfortunately, in areas such as Glasgow, addiction services are stretched, so those who need help may face long waiting lists.

At the Ocean Recovery Centre, we understand the importance of fast intervention, which is why we offer admission within 48 hours when possible. We can carry out a telephone assessment to see whether the treatment is suitable, then all you need to do is pack. We can even sort out things such as transport to get you to our clinic safely and quickly.


Arriving at the Ocean Recovery Centre

When you start your residential treatment, we carry out a full assessment of your mental and physical health so we have a better picture of your addiction and how we can best help. While you may be looking for a centre in Scotland, coming to the Ocean Recovery Centre has a great deal of advantages, notably that it feels like a break and gives you time to work on your mental health.

When you speak to your addiction counsellor, you can discuss going through the detox process. It’s important that we get all the drugs and alcohol out of your system so that you can start the rehab process. Some people arrive at our centre still under the effects of drugs or alcohol, so it’s important that we get them straight into the detox process so that they have a clear head. Detox can be hard work, and often means you’ll have to suffer from withdrawal symptoms, but it usually only takes a few days. We can help by offering prescription drugs to help with side effects and giving you round the clock support.


Your rehab programme

One of the main advantages of undergoing treatment at rehab clinics is that it can be carried out intensively and you can try different types of therapy during your stay. Traditional treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and group therapy are excellent ways to learn about the causes of your addiction, as well as what triggers you to use substances. During these therapy sessions, you’ll learn how to live without alcohol or drugs, and what to do if you’re tempted to relapse.

In addition to this, you’ll go through holistic therapies as part of your treatment programme. This can include sessions in yoga and mindfulness, massages, reiki and more, all designed to help heal your body and mind. While you stay at the Ocean Recovery Centre, you can enjoy the seafront location for long walks along the promenade, and we organise activities and outings to ensure you get relaxation time.

We don’t want your stay at Ocean Recovery Centre to feel like being in hospital. Our centre is homely, with comfortable rooms and communal areas where you can socialise. Rehab can be tough, which is why we make it as pleasant as possible. That’s why we’re an excellent choice for drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland.


After your rehab treatment

If you have an addiction and are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland, then you’ll no doubt be worried about the future and staying healthy in the long term. That’s why we offer a great aftercare programme, designed to help you stay sober and avoid a relapse. Everyone who completes 28 days with us gets 12 months of free aftercare in the form of group sessions.

We also want to ensure that you have the tools you need to turn your life around, as this will make it more likely you stay away from drugs and alcohol. Many people with addictions want to rebuild their relationships when they get sober, so you might decide to undergo therapy with family members. Whether it’s helping you get a job or getting help with financial issues, aftercare can help you get on track.

Many people who complete a programme with us continue their journey by doing a 12-step programme such as Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous. This can help you build a support network and stay sober in the long term. These organisations can be a good way of tracking how long you’ve stayed sober, and it gives you somewhere to go if you’re worried about a relapse.

We also encourage clients to remain in the rehab for the duration of the treatment and consider the risks of leaving rehab early.

If you’re looking for effective rehab treatment in Scotland or effective drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland, England or Wales then call the team at the Ocean Recovery Centre on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222 to find out more about our services.