Cannabis addiction is a severe illness that comes hand-in-hand with an assortment of health problems.

If you have become addicted to Cannabis, or believe that a friend or a family member has, securing Cannabis addiction treatment is essential.  Without professional support, addictions are almost impossible to overcome.

With this in mind, we would encourage you to contact us for support and guidance.  From discussing your addiction with us to sharing the signs and symptoms you have observed in a loved one, we can ensure that you have the assistance you need.

How Cannabis Addictions Arise

As touched on above, when Cannabis is consumed, THC enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain.  In doing so, THC binds to cannabinoid receptors.

Over time Cannabis users build up a tolerance to the drug. This means more significant quantities of Cannabis are required to maintain normal levels of functioning.

When Cannabis is withdrawn from, users are left feeling extremely uncomfortable. This is because the brain slows down the production of ‘feel-good’ chemicals during the addiction period.  During withdrawal, chemicals bounce back on overdrive, leading to hyperactivity.  When experienced, hyperactivity in the brain gives rise to dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

When consumed, Cannabis can cause individuals to encounter various health problems.  These health problems include, but are not limited to the following;


  •   Poor judgement
  •   Increased blood pressure
  •   Drowsiness
  •   Schizophrenia
  •   Mental health problems
  •   Insomnia
  •   Attention and memory problems
  •   Psychotic episodes
  •   Impaired coordination
  •   Respiratory diseases
  •   Increased heart rate
  •   Irregular heart rhythm
  •   Hallucinations
  •   Fatigue
  •   Irritability

Cannabis Addiction Treatment At Ocean Recovery

If you rely on Cannabis to help you navigate your day-to-day life, it may well be in your best interest to secure Cannabis Addiction Treatment.

At Ocean Recovery, we provide individuals struggling with Cannabis addictions with the professional support and treatment they need, when they need it.  Regardless of the severity of your addiction, we are confident that we can help you overcome your struggles with Cannabis and secure a substance-free future.

Our Cannabis Addiction Treatment Programmes

To ensure that individuals obtain the treatment they need based on their addiction and recovery requirements, at Ocean Recovery, we create personalised Cannabis addiction treatment programmes for each individual that enters our residential rehab.

Before entering our centre, our admissions team will conduct a pre-admission assessment.  This assessment is usually carried out over the telephone and enables our team to find out more about you, your addiction and your recovery goals.  The information that you provide our admissions team with will allow us to ascertain which treatment will need to be incorporated into your personalised treatment programme.

If you are happy to take advantage of our treatment, we will welcome you to our centre.

As you enter our centre and settle in, our medical team will conduct an additional assessment.  Although they will already have an understanding of the severity of your addiction, they will need to assess your physical and psychological health to ensure that you are fit to progress through a Cannabis addiction treatment programme.  This assessment will also determine which treatment you are provided with.

Although all of our treatment programmes are entirely bespoke to an individual’s needs, detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare support form the basis of all of our programmes.


As you embark on a Cannabis addiction treatment programme, you will be required to complete a medically induced detoxification.  Detoxification will ensure that the toxins administered throughout your addiction are removed from your brain and body.

During detoxification, it is not uncommon for you to experience various withdrawal symptoms.  However, please rest assured knowing that you will have around the clock care throughout your treatment.

Should the withdrawal symptoms experienced become unbearable, our medical team will be able to prescribe you medication to help alleviate the symptoms.

Cannabis Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Although the withdrawal symptoms you experience will depend upon the severity of your addiction, it is entirely normal for you to encounter the following feelings;

  •   Aggression
  •   Mood swings
  •   Sleeping irregularities
  •   Loss of appetite
  •   Paranoia
  •   Depression
  •   Headaches

Sadly, withdrawal symptoms are one of the leading causes of relapse when detoxification is not administered in a safe and secure location, such as rehab.


Having progressed through detoxification, you will be invited to start rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation will see you encounter counselling and therapy.  Although the thought of therapy may be daunting, this is a vital part of your recovery.

One-to-one and group therapy will enable you to determine the factors that have caused your Cannabis addiction to arise.  In doing so, you will be able to identify any triggers that could cause you to relapse in the future and create coping strategies that will virtually mitigate your risk of relapse.

The therapy you are provided with will depend on the psychological impact your addiction has had on you.  However, those struggling with addictions will often encounter psychological therapy and well-being therapy.

Psychological therapy includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT as it is otherwise known.  CBT will help you identify the triggers of your addiction and ensure that you know how to overcome any triggers in the near and far future.

Unlike psychological therapy, well-being therapy does not consist of talking therapies.  Instead, well-being therapies will encourage you to find additional outlets for your problems.

Many individuals find well-being therapies to be extremely beneficial as they can be employed after Cannabis addiction treatment is completed.

Aftercare Support

As you complete your Cannabis addiction treatment, we will ensure that you are supported as you continue to recover at home with 12-months of free aftercare support.

Our aftercare support will encourage you to attend weekly catch-up sessions and recovery groups in your local area.

Contact Us Today For Cannabis Addiction Treatment

To secure Cannabis addiction treatment at our residential rehab, we would encourage you to contact us today.

The sooner you seek support, the sooner you can overcome your addiction once and for all.