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Drug and Alcohol Rehab England

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in England

The UK leads the world in addiction treatment, and rehab centres are often one of the best places for someone with an addiction to heal, allowing them to receive an intensive therapy programme. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in England, then the Ocean Recovery Centre in Blackpool is a peaceful, homely environment where you can begin your journey, away from the stresses of everyday life.


Choosing a Private Rehab Clinic

While treatment is available on the NHS in England, it’s often not sufficient for those who want to recover from an addiction. Firstly, it’s usually very restricted to those who meet certain criteria, and you’ll often be put on a long waiting list unless you’re an absolute priority. Most NHS trusts won’t offer programmes like treatment at a residential addiction treatment clinic at first, they’ll usually ask that you try outpatient care and go through many different treatments first.

NHS treatment is usually not as comprehensive as private health care. If you’re lucky enough to get a place in a residential treatment programme, you’ll usually stay somewhere quite basic, a bit like a hospital, and it’s not as pleasant as the Ocean Recovery Centre.

Many people who contact us are concerned about the cost, and while private rehab isn’t the cheapest option, we try to ensure you get the best value for money. There are options such as health insurance programmes that might be able to help with the cost, or we can discuss payment plans. Rest assured, when we give you a quote, the cost of alcohol or drug rehab includes everything that’s needed such as meals, treatments and activities, so there are no hidden costs.


Getting Help Today

There are many reasons why those who need help with alcohol and drug addiction issues should get treatment as quickly as possible. Addiction is a disease, and if left alone, there’s a very small chance that it’ll get better over time. What’s much more likely is that it’ll steadily get worse, and any delay could mean the person with the addiction uses larger amounts of drink or drugs, becoming more and more dependent. This means when they finally seek out alcohol or drug rehab, their journey will be more complex.

While someone with an addiction is going untreated, there are a number of risks to their physical and mental health. There’s even the risk of an overdose or serious issues caused by binge drinking, in some cases this could lead to death. While an addict is still using, there’s also the risk of them losing their job, breaking relationships, or even ending up in legal trouble, meaning there can be many consequences if addiction goes untreated.

Rather than waiting for things to get worse, if you or a loved one need help, then it’s worth considering looking for drug and alcohol rehab in England today.

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Our seaside residential rehabilitation centre boasts stunning views of its surroundings while maintaining a homey feeling inside to aid rest and recovery. At Ocean Recovery, we can host up to 13 people at one time to ensure bespoke and dedicated care with exclusive sea-view rooms for a touch of luxury.

Take a look inside and explore our modern yet cosy drug and alcohol rehab facilities.

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Detox and Rehab at Ocean Recovery Centre

The Ocean Recovery Centre is one of the best rehab clinics in the area, offering a comprehensive programme for those with addictions. When you arrive at our centre in Blackpool, you’ll get a full assessment of your mental and physical health, allowing us to choose the right treatment programmes for you. Many people who come to us also have problems with their mental health or have more than one addiction, so we want to ensure we can give you the right level of support.

The next step is to go through detoxification, where you stop drinking or taking drugs so that the substances can leave your body. You may have tried to go cold turkey in the past and found you ended up relapsing, but we ensure you have support 24 hours a day and can even prescribe medication that helps with withdrawal. This is one of the reasons why residential rehab works better than outpatient care.

Once the drugs and alcohol are out of your system, you can begin the rehab process. Ocean Recovery Centre offers a comprehensive programme of treatments, all of which when combined can give you an excellent chance of success. While some treatment centres offer detox only programmes, we highly recommend a 28 day stay, which allows you to go through intensive individual and group therapy, as well as a number of other effective methods to help you stay away from harmful substances.

When you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in England, it’s important to not only think about getting off these substances, but also staying sober in the long term. Everyone who completes 28 days with us will get a year of free aftercare, where they’ll enjoy regular support groups that are designed to help you stay on track.


Life at Ocean Recovery Centre

The Ocean Recovery Centre is based in Blackpool, close to the seafront, and is easily reached by both road and public transport. Some of our rooms look over the sea, and you can enjoy strolls along the promenade and enjoy the fresh air. We have comfortable bedrooms and treatment areas, as well as communal spaces where you can chat to others going through a treatment programme. While it’s a peaceful place, there’s always plenty to do, from group therapy to holistic treatments, exercise sessions and activities, so you won’t get bored. There are also supervised outings around Blackpool, allowing you to enjoy this old-fashioned seaside town and making your rehab stay feel like a bit of a break from everyday life too.

For drug and alcohol rehab in England, call the Ocean Recovery Centre today on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222 and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can.