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We have helped thousands of people recover from drug and alcohol addiction; we can help you too.

Drug and alcohol addiction ruins lives. Get free from this illness at our rehab centre, located just a short drive from Merseyside in the North West.

According to recent figures, Merseyside has one of the highest rates of alcohol and drug addictions in England. In fact, “Merseyside recorded the highest rate of drug offences of 9.2 per 1,000 population in 2020/21, up from 8.3 in 2019/20”, according to the UK Parliament.

Liverpoolworld broadcasted the ‘utter disgrace’ of Merseyside as drug-related deaths hit a record high in specific areas such as Sefton and St. Helens. [1]

Many die yearly through substance abuse and overdoses and end up in the hospital. Drug and alcohol abuse is a massive issue in Merseyside, and many people lose their families, livelihood and friendships through alcohol and drug addiction.

Are you feeling hopeless due to your substance abuse? It is never too late to turn your life around and achieve long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs. Your addiction can be stopped if you seek addiction treatment, which can ultimately mend your relationships and lifestyle after becoming clean at our private rehab centre.

Contact us at our drug and alcohol rehab to see how we can help you get clean. We are based in Blackpool, just an hour away from the centre of Liverpool.


How Do I Know if I Have a Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Many drug and alcohol addicts often fail to realise they are struggling with an addiction. It’s very common to see people suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs be in denial about their condition and downplay the impact of their substance abuse.

Once you find yourself struggling to stop taking drugs or alcohol, or if your level of consumption is becoming an important aspect of your day-to-day life, it is very important that you start the process to start addiction treatment.

The first step toward recovery is admitting that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. This can either be by admitting this to yourself, your loved ones or us at our drug and alcohol rehab in Merseyside.

Family Referral for Addiction Treatment

Do you suspect someone in your personal circle could be addicted to drugs or alcohol? If you’ve noticed a change in their behaviour but cannot encourage them to open up, there are a few indicators that could point to drug or alcohol addiction.

These include:

  • They’re engaging in increasingly risky behaviours, which is unusual
  • They’re experiencing financial trouble, which could be a result of funding an expensive substance abuse habit
  • They’re displaying isolating behaviours, such as a lack of interest in socialising or participating in activities which they once enjoyed
  • They have new friends or a new circle of people who encourage similar unhealthy habits making substance abuse appear normal

Often, it is nearly impossible to tell if a person is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs by simply looking at them. However, if you’re concerned about a close friend or family member, you may notice a significant change in their weight, a gaunt facial appearance, bloodshot eyes, or skin sores.

If you notice any of these behaviours in a loved one, it’s crucial you’re there for them and encourage them to speak to you about what they’re going through. Whilst they may be reluctant to admit that they have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, they may need you to listen.

If you feel they need urgent support, contact our drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Merseyside and refer them to us through our family and friend referral service.

We can even arrange a family intervention, if necessary, to help them recognise the devastating effects on their lives and those around them. Additionally, we offer family support programmes to help facilitate the conversation between those struggling with the relationship.

Start our admissions process today or use our free callback service to receive fantastic support and guidance from one of our admissions team. Call today on 01253 847 553.


How our Merseyside Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Works

Our private treatment facility has a fantastic team of therapists and medical professionals who have been through addiction/ or have an in-depth background in addiction services. This makes them the best people to provide your private addiction treatment, as they also understand the process and the hardships which can occur during your time.

At Ocean Recovery, we have the required expertise, necessary safety measures, and a tried and tested approach to treatment options that can help you overcome your addiction.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox

At our residential drug and alcohol rehab, we often start with a drug or alcohol detoxification, which can take up to ten days to thoroughly cleanse your body from the substance. You may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, headaches, and nausea during this time.

Withdrawal symptoms are very common during a drug and alcohol detox and can be managed safely with our rehab team’s correct guidance and expertise. If the side effects become worrying or the patient becomes too uncomfortable, it may be best to proceed with a medical detox to alleviate withdrawal.

Severe withdrawal symptoms can be insomnia, seizures or even delirium tremens, for which you’ll need to receive treatment urgently.

We strongly advise against any attempt to detox at home without the supervision of a professional team. It’s vital that you detox in a safe environment with an excellent support group and a medically assisted detox, which is what we offer at our private rehab.

Our Therapy Treatment Options

After your detoxification, you’ll move on to your psychological therapies, which could include cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention, and individual, group or family counselling.

Some of the therapies we offer at rehab in Merseyside include:

  • Talking therapy such as CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • Well being therapies
  • Individual therapy
  • Holistic therapies such as art therapy

We address any mental health issues and are experienced in treating and creating bespoke treatment programmes for our dual-diagnosis patients.

This is where a person suffers from both an addiction to alcohol or drugs and problems with their mental health. It’s very common, so we can assure you there’s no need to feel embarrassed about coming to us with dual diagnosis needs.

One of our specialists will be helping you find the reason for your drug or alcohol addiction and how to help you change your thinking to prevent a relapse. The teachings our patients get out of individual therapy and group therapy can be used in everyday life outside of private residential rehab.

Relapse Prevention Planning

We also include a 1-year free aftercare treatment plan for anyone completing a 28-day stay at our residential rehab. These are weekly sessions and are often crucial to support your ongoing treatment. The first year sober can be the hardest part of the recovery process – reverting to everyday life can be more difficult if your home and friends are still abusing substances.

To help you remain drug and alcohol-free it is worth looking into free addiction treatment services once you have finished your comprehensive treatment programme. Outpatient programmes such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are excellent services to help you recover after you have finished alcohol or drug addiction treatment.

Post-rehab services such as our aftercare sessions and outpatient therapy sessions with AA and NA are great ways to keep you on track with recovery and feel supported during the hard few months after residential treatment.

Contact us today to find out more about our support groups and aftercare services.


How Long Does Rehab Take?

Residential treatment in rehab in Merseyside is typically 28 days long. This is the most recommended length of treatment in the majority of residential rehab centres as it gives you enough time to fully work through the detox process as well as undergo a number of therapies.

Addiction treatment for drug or alcohol addiction involves both mental and physical treatments and therapies to help you overcome it.

This is why 28 day programmes are recommended, as residential rehab works to treat the entirety of your addiction.

If you have a smaller budget however, we offer 10-day treatment options which involves only the detox. Although it is recommended to stay in a private rehab for longer, you still benefit from medical detox and nutritional meals and support throughout your stay.

If the cost of private rehab centres is stopping you from accessing treatment, you can see if private health insurance covers rehab treatment or seek outpatient treatment services as an alternative.

Get advice today from a member of our support team for free on 01253 847 553.


Drug and Alcohol Addictions We Treat

We offer a wide variety of addiction treatments at our inpatient rehab for drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

Some of the substances that we offer inpatient treatment for include:

  • Alcoholism
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders such as cocaine and anxiety
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cannabis addiction

Private rehab is the best place to receive a recovery programme in. You will receive a medical detox in our detox clinic and experience state-of-the-art therapies that treat your mental and physical health. It is the best option to ensure that you receive a full recovery programme to help you achieve long-term recovery.


Outpatient Rehab vs Inpatient Rehab?

Although outpatient treatment is useful and works for some people, it often has long wait times and does not have the same long-term recovery rates that inpatient rehab achieves.

Moreover, the detox process would be at home with little to no help, which can be dangerous for the patient and any family or friends choosing to support them during this time.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening, so if you choose to detox at home, consult your local GP to help you develop a detox programme for home.

Private addiction treatment is extremely intensive and provides additional support unavailable for outpatient addiction treatment. Sustaining recovery is a massive part of what you learn as part of your recovery journey here at Ocean Recovery.

We work hard to ensure that you are in a supportive environment that provides effective personalised treatment programmes. Private treatment will always include a detox which usually takes about 10 days.

After this, you will begin treatment, such as holistic therapies, to work on the mind and the behaviours which lead to addiction.

As we treat drug and alcohol dependency, we offer a wide range of therapies which you can apply when you leave.

You will not receive the same level of care and service at other rehab centres as you do here at Ocean Recovery.

Start your private rehab treatment today. Call us today on 01253 847 553, text HELP to or email us at

Our Rehab Facilities

At Ocean Recovery, we are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facility. We provide residents with the most relaxing stay possible and they can enjoy our modern establishment.

Ocean Recovery Facilities include:

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Medically Assisted Detoxification

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2 Executive, Sea View Double Ensuite Rooms

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 8 Double or Single Ensuite Rooms

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3 Single Rooms with Dedicated Separate Bathroom

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Comfortable Communal Lounge with Piano & Sky TV

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Beautiful Modern Dining Lounge

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External Courtyard and Outside Seating Area

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12 Months FREE Aftercare

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Regular Contact with Loved Ones Encouraged

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Large Multi-Purpose Group Activity Room with Superb Sea Views

Images of Our Facilities

Facilities at Ocean Recovery

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    Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
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Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
See More of Our Facilities


Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous on Merseyside

Merseyside covers a wide area, so there are more than enough options when it comes to finding a place near you, in a place that you’re comfortable.

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous are incredibly popular groups that follow a 12-step recovery approach and intend to, as a group, tackle addiction. We encourage those who are in recovery to attend these groups where possible to make for an easier transition from private rehab to the ‘real world’.

These groups keep you accountable, can see you through hard times, help you avoid relapse and see you on the long-term road to sobriety.

Here are some of the AA and NA meetings around Merseyside in the most central locations.

AA | Liverpool Solution Big-Book-Study

  • When: Wednesdays, start time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
  • Where: The Blessed Sacrament Shrine RC Church, 4 Dawson St, L1 1LE

AA | Birkenhead Nightingales

  • When: Monday, start time: 19.30 – duration 1hr
  • Where: Nightingales Café (1st Floor Mtg Rm), 90 Argyle St, CH41 6AG

for a full list, view all AA meetings on Merseyside here.

NA | New Comers Meeting

  • When: Sundays, start time 13:00 – duration 1hr 30 mins
  • Where: St Bride’s Church, Percy Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 7LT

NA | The Den Stop Meeting

  • When: Mondays, start time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30 mins
  • Where: St James Centre, 344 Laird Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 7AL

For a full list of NA Meetings on Merseyside, find the full timetable here.


Local NHS Help on Merseyside

Addiction isn’t something you’re expected to overcome on your own, it is a difficult fight and we understand that it can be hard to know where to start.

While there are, of course, rehabs like us at Ocean Recovery, don’t forget about talking to your GP. There is local help from the NHS and this can come in many forms.

First, you can contact your GP. If you’re not registered with a GP, make sure you get registered; you can find your nearest GP and one that accepts your area by going onto the NHS Find a GP site here. 

All you need to do is pop in your postcode, and you’ll find practices near you.

If you’re not yet registered, you can also call 111, a service that is not for emergencies, but for assessment and advice on what kind of medical assistance you need.

Don’t forget, if you or somebody else is in a crisis, for example, an overdose, call an ambulance – don’t waste any time. For A&E services, find some of the hospitals that have this across Merseyside below.