Alcohol and Drug misuse can have devastating effects on the individual and in the workplace.

  • UK 2009/2010, £7.3 Billion was lost due to reduced productivity due to alcohol
  • Every year there are around 14 to 20 Million workdays lost due to an alcohol-related absence
  • Around 60% of fatalities in the workplace are attributed to alcohol

The cost to employers for issues related to drug or alcohol misuse can be high – Reduced productivity, absence, dismissal leading to recruitment, breaches of health and safety, accidents, damage to relationships (both client and staff) and business reputation are a few of the issues faced by employers.

As an employer, Ocean Recovery Centre understand that the investment in staff can be high and the loss of key staff members due to an alcohol or drug problem can cause the business huge issues. No business owner wants to see their investment in staffing lost through the absence, dismissal or injury of a worker.

It is a difficult topic for employers. Balancing doing the right thing by the business and trying to carry out your duty of care as an employer can be challenging. Employers can find themselves wrestling with business and moral dilemma.

Private treatment may seem expensive the investment could be less than not doing nothing or dismissal. The average investment in key team members is estimated to be in the region of £30,000 per individual, rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction may be the best solution.

Ocean Recovery Centre currently works with many UK and International Businesses who are committed to their key staff and are helping them tackle their drug and alcohol addiction issues. Our treatment clinics are designed for employees to engage with the treatment programme, whilst maximising in-house digital technology to stay involved at work.

We provide many treatment packages that are suitable for funding from the majority of occupational health insurance schemes.

Our experienced admissions team will work closely with your HR (Human Resource) Department, Health Service or with business owners and managers. Booking a place in our clinic for your employee is very discreet and very simple. We ensure your member of staff and company remain anonymous to help safeguard your businesses reputation.

If you are concerned a member of staff may be suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and would like to know more about our treatments or would like some advice, please call us today.