Are you suffering from addiction? Here at Ocean Recovery, we offer world-class private alcohol rehab and private drug rehab services which have helped thousands of people break free from the illness that is addiction.

Both our private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab treatment plans are designed to guide and support you on your journey to long-term recovery.

Addiction destroys lives and there are no circumstances in which it is acceptable, useful or helpful. There are no positive side effects to any form of drug or alcohol addiction, and it will eventually totally destroy your life and quite possibly the lives of your family members and loved ones.

Even if the addiction starts slowly, with the person only indulging in unacceptable behaviour or substance abuse occasionally, addicts will ultimately become obsessed with drugs and alcohol.

They will ignore their families and professional obligations and go to great lengths, including stealing and harming others, to obtain their next fix. Private Alcohol Rehab & Private Drug Rehab

The addiction eventually becomes the focal point of their lives and their craving for drugs or alcohol becomes all consuming.

There is no such thing as partial drug addiction or controllable alcoholism, even a functioning alcoholic has an alcohol addiction that will eventually have a negative impact on their lives.

Addiction needs to be treated as soon as possible, and as effectively as possible, to ensure your best chances of a recovery.

Treating drug and alcohol addiction, however, is a complex matter and due to the cognitive and physical effects of drugs and alcohol on the body and the severity of withdrawal symptoms, detox and addiction treatment needs to be carried out under medical supervision.

The good news is that there are treatment options available; you don’t have to suffer alone, and you can help yourself or your loved ones overcome their addiction.

One of the best alcohol and drug addiction treatment programmes available in the UK is residential private rehab.

If you are suffering from addiction, then don’t wait around. You must act and start on your recovery as soon as possible.

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Clinical Detox In A Private Drug Rehab and Private Alcohol Rehab Facility – What Can You Expect?

Private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab facilities will offer addicts a clinical detox treatment plan that focuses on weaning the body off drugs or alcohol and treating the withdrawal symptoms.

The clinical treatment takes place in a controlled environment and under the supervision of a specially trained clinical team.

In some cases, depending on the type and severity of the addiction, clinical detox may not be necessary but for heavy drug users or long term alcoholics, it is an essential part of the treatment plan.

Clinical detox, combined with a therapeutic residential rehab programme and counselling, has proved to be highly successful in the treatment of drug addiction and alcohol use disorder and plays an integral role in long term successful recovery.

Along with having the above support throughout your detox phase of treatment, our team can also prescribe medication to help alleviate any discomfort experienced you can find out more about this by watching our full video on the topic.

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What Are The Benefits Of Private Drug Rehab and Private Alcohol Rehab?

Private rehab treatment for drug and alcohol addictions are designed to help addicts tackle their substance abuse problems in a safe and secure environment.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a private rehab facility is ideal for addicts who want to quit but have tried and failed to do on their own or as part of an outpatient program.

Private rehab requires the addict to live in a treatment centre where they receive a combination of treatments and therapies tailored to their unique needs and designed to help them overcome their addiction.

The success of private rehab lies in the fact that it removes the addict from their daily lives, eliminating the distractions, temptations, and sources of their addiction, while ensuring that they are in a safe and secure environment where they can receive the support and care that they need throughout the detox and rehab process. It also takes the responsibility of their family members and gives them a chance to recuperate.

Private Drug Rehab and Private Alcohol Rehab – How Does It Work?

Private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab is available to anyone over the age of 16 and treats people with a wide variety of addictions, including drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and behavioural addiction.

Private rehab usually takes place as a residential inpatient facility where addicts move into the private rehab clinic for the duration of their abstinence-based treatment.

Private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab clinics are typically found in relaxing and tranquil settings that support the withdrawal and treatment process.

As this type of treatment is private the costs will not be covered by the NHS and the detox and rehab need to be self-funded by the addict or a family member with many medical insurance policies offering cover for this.

The cost of private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab includes meals, accommodation, various cognitive and behavioural therapies, 24/7 access to medical staff, medically assisted detox, counselling and prescription drugs, and there should be no hidden costs.

Most rehab clinics similar to ourselves will offer a structured payment option in order to treat and help as many people as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances.

When entering private drug rehab and private alcohol rehab clinic, you will be thoroughly assessed to determine the severity of the problem and create an appropriate treatment plan.

You will be assigned a counsellor who will explain your treatment plan and what to expect during the clinical detox and drug or alcohol rehab process.

Once you have completed the residential side of your treatment program it is important to continue on your road to recovery and this will require determination and support.

Ocean Recovery offers a holistic rehabilitation treatment plan that is tailored to the unique requirements of the addict. While the clinical rehab treatment program focuses on treating the physical symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, a therapeutic drug or alcohol addiction treatment plan focuses on the psychological, emotional and social consequences of addiction.

Our commitment to healing both the physical and psychological side of addiction is what makes our private rehab programmes stand out, not only do we focus on improving ones mental health and wellbeing but we also make sure that your body is well equipped to copy without the addictive substance that it’s learnt to crave through the use of a full drug and alcohol detox and individually tailored nutritional programme.

The psychological side of private addiction treatment at Ocean Recovery involves carrying out intensive therapy sessions such as Cognitive behavioural therapy. CBT is an intensive treatment designed to re-wire the brain and change the addict’s attitude towards drugs or alcohol.

Other therapies carried out includes group therapy and family support group sessions which are used to discuss the triggers, symptoms and coping mechanisms associated with addiction.

These therapy sessions give the addict and their family the tools they need to make a successful recovery. You can read more about all the different therapies offered at the centre by click here.

If left untreated drug and alcohol addiction will eventually destroy your life and your choice to enter a private rehabilitation centre may be the best decision you ever make. Please call us today or visit our website to see how we can help you.

Private Drug Rehab: How effective is it?

Another concern within the UK is it’s use of drugs and the rising culture of drug use in addition to alcohol. More recently, university professors have observed the cocaine rituals within UK club culture and how cocaine use is now becoming an essential part of this culture with some believing that the glamourisation of the drug and its influence on British Rock and Metal culture. However now there are developing cultural trends in other drugs such as cannabis, heroin and prescription drugs.

Many still debate which type of rehab is the best in terms of overcoming a drug addiction and this is debated still amongst other private drug rehab clinics across the country. However at Ocean Recovery Centre, we are firm believers in the effectiveness of residential rehab programmes as an effective form of overcoming drug addiction. Our belief is based on a multitude of studies that have spanned years but are still studied today. More recently, the journal of drug and alcohol dependence conducted a systematic review and stated that the effectiveness of residential rehab programmes were evident. Furthermore, a study from BMC women’s health also stated that private drug rehab can be extremely effective especially with the support from family members.


Private Alcohol Rehab: Modern approaches and their effectiveness

For a long time now, the United Kingdom has had a history of a peculiar drinking culture, or as Sage put it; the “long-standing British ‘binge and brawl’ pattern of alcohol-based weekend leisure”. The promotion of a sustainable approach to the consumption of alcohol in the middle of an environment of which excessive consumption of this intoxicant dominates has been a huge challenge for UK governments past and present especially in terms of binge drinking. This culture of binge drinking in the UK is especially prevalent with students, and because it is introduced at such an early age, it can lead to alcohol addictions, which many organisations have tried to solve with various forms of alcohol rehabilitation. Whilst residential alcohol rehab appears to be the most effective form of rehabilitate someone with an alcohol dependency, some have looked further afield to modern methods of rehabilitation.


Web Based Alcohol Rehab:

This is a more self managed form of private alcohol rehab which allow the user to access private alcohol rehab from their internet enabled device. This has it’s strengths in the sense that it can be accessed anywhere and they can be fairly inexpensive.  Some studies have hailed web based interventions like this as successful, reporting success rates of 45%-55% in the reduction of drinking behaviour after 12 months. However, other studies have actually stated that with heavier drinkers, the attrition rates are as high as 92%, and those with severe alcohol problems are extremely unlikely to complete it.

Smart Phone Based Alcohol Rehab:

There are a number of smart phone based applications available that have shown moderate success in studies conducted,  terms of overcoming mental health problems like personality disorders, depression and more. However this success is again, only partial and there has not been a lot of clinical research into the effectiveness of smart phone based alcohol rehab apps. Moreover, the effectiveness of these have also been questioned by a later study by Michael Bauer et al. 2020, who have raised a number of concerns of these apps such as retention rates and the attitudes towards these types of apps.

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John is one UK’s leading professionals in the addiction recovery industry. Pioneering new treatment techniques such as NAD+ and ongoing research into new therapy techniques such as systematic laser therapy, John is committed to providing the very best treatment for people throughout the UK and Europe. During his extremely busy schedule, John likes to regularly update our blog section with the latest news and trends in the industry to keep visitors to our site as well informed as possible on everything related to addiction treatment.

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Dr Robert Lutaaya qualified in 1995 from Worclaw Medical University as MBChB, and obtained a MSc Psych from the University of Manchester in 2014. Dr Lutaaya has previously worked for the CGL Substance Misuse Service and as an on-call doctor substance misuse Doctor for 17 years before joining Ocean Recovery. Dr Robert Lutaaya is committed to helping those struggling with alcohol and drug addictions.