Wrexham Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Our drug and alcohol rehab centre is situated on a lovely stretch of coastline with beautiful sea views and a nearby beach. We have spaces available now. Call us on 01253 847 553!

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wrexham

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Wrexham

Living in a well-populated area has many advantages but it also has disadvantages and with one out of ten people between the ages of 16 and 59 suffering from drug addiction in the UK, it is obvious that there will be more drug addicts in areas where there is a higher concentration of people. Since Wrexham is one of the most populated towns in North Wales, it stands to reason that there will be more people affected by drug and alcohol addiction, but this means that there are also more drug and alcohol rehab options and treatment programmes.

People in the area seeking addiction treatment or wishing to enter a residential treatment centre there are a number of treatment options and rehabs in Wrexham. Unfortunately, not everyone can get the help they need through the NHS and for many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, a private residential rehab treatment centre, with therapeutic interventions managed by professional addiction therapists, is the best option for a successful long term recovery. We can help you find the best drug and alcohol rehab options in the Wrexham area.


How We Can Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Substance misuse and abuse is a terrifying and disabling disease with physical and mental health consequences that affect addicts and their families around the country. Our private rehab facility can help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction and support you on your road to long term recovery and sobriety. We offer a comprehensive inpatient residential rehab facility where you will live in our drug and alcohol rehab centre and receive 24-hour addiction treatment and support.

Our drug and alcohol treatment programmes are personalised to each client’s needs and when you enter our facility you will be given a thorough assessment by a medical professional who is trained in addiction support. Before drawing up your personalised treatment plan our specialist team will assess the severity of your addiction and take your medical and treatment history into account when deciding on the best course of action. Rehabilitation usually starts with an intensive detox to rid your body of all drugs and alcohol.

During the detox process, you may be given medication to help wean your body off drugs or alcohol and to help you cope with the debilitating and often dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Once you have completed the detox process you will begin your rehab plan. This will include a number of different types of therapy including cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, group support sessions and aftercare. During your therapy sessions, you will take a close look at the triggers and reasons for your addiction. This is an important part of the treatment programme as it addresses the underlying problems that are fuelling your addiction to drugs or alcohol. By the time you leave our drug and alcohol rehab programme in Wrexham, you will have the essential tools that you need to resist temptation and live a drug-free life but we will continue support you and put you in contact with outpatient programmes that can facilitate long term recovery and reduce your chances of a relapse


What We Can Offer At Our Wrexham Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our North West rehab centre is situated on a lovely stretch of coastline with beautiful sea views and a nearby beach. Our treatment centre has undergone an extensive refurbishment and our comfortable accommodation is tailor-made for effective residential rehab. We have 13 bedrooms including two executives, sea view double ensuite rooms, eight double or single ensuite rooms and three single rooms with a dedicated separate bathroom.

We also have private individual therapy rooms, a holistic treatment room, a comfortable communal lounge and a large multi-purpose group activity room overlooking the sea. All our nutritious meals are served in our modern dining room. There is also a steam room and a relaxation room with a massage therapy chair where you can unwind after your therapy. On sunny days you can enjoy time in our external courtyard and garden.

Our accommodation provides an ideal backdrop for your recovery programme and effective treatment of your addiction. We offer our clients a range of individual and group therapies that will change the way you deal with your addiction.


The Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wrexham

There are many ways to treat addiction but one of the most effective treatment plans for people addicted to drugs and alcohol is inpatient rehab in a residential treatment facility. When you enter an inpatient rehab facility, you will spend approximately 28-days or more in the treatment centre.

The biggest advantage of inpatient rehab in an addiction treatment facility is that you are constantly encompassed by medical professionals and dedicated staff members who always have your best interest at heart. Inpatient rehab is an intensive programme, but you have the benefit of access to 24-hour support and care and you will be entirely focused on ending your unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol. You will also be removed from the triggers, temptation and bad influences that enable your addiction. Unlike outpatient rehab programmes or trying to kick the habit on your own, during inpatient rehab you do not have access to drugs and alcohol.

Opting for residential rehab is excellent for addicts who require medically assisted detox, but it also has a great number of therapeutic benefits, including intensive cognitive behaviour therapy, family support sessions, peer counselling and group therapy. If you suffer from long term addiction, are addicted to multiple substances, have medical or mental health issues, or have tried other addiction treatment options that have been unsuccessful then inpatient residential rehab is highly recommended.

Drug and alcohol abuse has an impact on your brain and if left untreated your life can deteriorate until you reach a point where your entire existence is based on feeding your habit, leading to social, physical and mental health problems. It is almost impossible to beat addiction on your own. Making the decision to enter a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Wrexham could be the best thing you ever do. Our specialised treatment centre offers discrete addiction treatment in peaceful surroundings.

Call us today on 01253 847 553 to discuss how we can help you begin your journey to long-term recovery – either that, or you can fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.