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Alcohol Addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction, otherwise referred to as alcoholism or alcohol use disorder, is a condition described when an individual has a physical or mental need to consume alcohol regardless of the potential detrimental effects it has on their life.

There are several factors that could be the cause of alcohol addiction including

  • Social factors
  • Genetics/biological factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Physiological factors

Alcohol addiction is a real disease and alters the working of the brain, blocking signals between brain cells. It is important to recognise that alcohol addiction can affect anyone at any stage of their lives. Over the past 10 years alone, hospital admissions due to alcoholic liver disease, have increased by 61% in England. However, reports show that only 18% of dependent drinkers are currently receiving treatment.

Without the help of a professional, alcohol addiction can spiral out of control and lead to further health problems and can even be fatal. It is important you don’t suffer on your own and realise that alcohol addiction is treatable.

Here at Ocean recovery, our addiction experts can help you with your addiction treatment journey at our private addiction rehab centres.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction

It can be difficult to spot alcohol addiction symptoms as they vary from each individual depending on factors such as the amount of alcohol they are drinking along with the frequency. In addition to this, alcoholics can be secretive about the addiction and so manage to hide their addiction well.

There are however psychological and physical signs to look out for that may suggest a loved one is suffering with an alcohol addiction and is in need of addiction treatment. Addiction symptoms include:

Psychological signs of addiction

• Mood swings
• Agitation
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Memory loss
• Lack of concentration
• Cravings for alcohol

Behavioural & physical signs of addiction

• Loss of interest in previous hobbies
• Headaches
• Restlessness/insomnia
• Weight loss or weight gain
• Drinking alone regularly
• Dishonesty
• Secretive
• Withdrawal from social aspects
• Avoidance with friends and family
• Poor attendance at work

If you are concerned you are a loved one may be drinking too much, or alcohol is having a negative impact on your life, it is important you speak to an addiction specialist to get the addiction treatment help you need. At Ocean recovery, we offer a free telephone assessment to help you understand how alcohol rehab can help you.

Free telephone addiction assessment at Ocean recovery

At Ocean recovery, we offer a free telephone addiction assessment with one of our addiction specialists. During this 20/30-minute confidential assessment, our addiction expert will ask you questions about your situation and addiction to best help understand what addiction treatment will benefit you, and which of our UK addiction rehab treatment centres will best suit your particular needs.

As part of alcohol rehab, Ocean recovery also offer a medically assisted alcohol detox service to remove the harmful toxins from your body ahead of your rehab treatment. Our addiction experts will gage whether you need this treatment during your telephone assessment.

Addiction treatment help

Alcohol addiction is hard to beat and likely be a lot more difficult if you attempt to do it yourself. However, if you are addicted to alcohol, and you feel like you need help to beat it: there is help for you. The first step in treating alcohol addiction is realising there is a problem. Once you acknowledge you have a dependency to alcohol, you can then start your recover journey with the help of a professional.

Alcohol Rehab is an alcohol treatment programme that looks to rehabilitate you from excessive alcohol intake and alcohol abuse by healing your physical and mental state through detox and therapy. It is designed to get you fully clean through detox and show you how to manage best any mental health issues or physiological problems that may occur when suffering from addiction through specially designed therapy and counselling sessions.

Stages of alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol detox

The detoxification phase of addiction rehab treatment, is dedicated to safely removing all harmful substances from your system. It is important this is done in a controlled and safe environment as withdrawal can cause shock to the body and can be unsafe to carry out without a trained professional.

Due to the potential side effects of an alcohol withdrawal, you will first need to undergo a full medical examination by a doctor as there may be a requirement to use medications to help wean your body off alcohol. The time it takes to complete detox is fully dependant on how severe your addiction is.

During detox, you will start your personalised nutrition programme that is designed to help aid your recovery by enriching your diet with the vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthier body and mind.

Alcohol rehab

The alcohol rehab phase of your treatment focuses on a wide range of therapies and treatments used to help you manage your addiction triggers. It is during the rehab stage of addiction treatment that you will learn how to cope with and manage everyday situations you may have to face once you leave the rehab centre.

Types of addiction treatment

When considering alcohol addiction treatment, it is important to establish your needs and realise what type of treatment will give you the best chances of recovery. Addiction rehab centres usually offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment options depending on the individual’s requirements.

Inpatient rehab treatment

Inpatient rehab, otherwise known as residential rehab, requires that you receive treatment while staying at a rehab clinic. This means that you will have access to benefits such as around the clock care, regular therapy sessions, and one to one counselling. In patient rehab treatment offers the highest level of care meaning it is the most effective form of treatment

Whilst staying at a rehab clinic as part of inpatient rehab, the stresses and distractions of day-to-day life will be eliminated giving you more time and focus to concentrate on your addiction recovery.

The average duration for inpatient treatment is around 30 days, however depending on the severity of addiction, longer programmes may be needed.

Outpatient rehab treatment

With outpatient rehab treatment, you still receive high quality professional addiction treatment as you do with inpatient treatment, only you do not live at the rehab centre. Instead, you go into the dedicated rehab centre as and when you require treatments such as therapy and medications.
This is a cheaper rehab treatment option and is sometimes preferred as it allows the individual to continue with their day-to-day routine such as work.
Although this form of treatment is not seen to be as effective as inpatient treatment, it can still go a long way in helping individuals overcome addiction. However, if your addiction is particularly severe, or you have a bad home situation, inpatient treatment would be more beneficial to your recovery, and will reduce the chances of you relapsing.

How Ocean Recovery can help with your addiction treatment

Ocean Recovery is a leading drug and alcohol rehab clinic offering a comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programme along with a free 1-year aftercare service.

Operated by the Step One Recovery; a company dedicated to providing a collection of excellent treatment and rehabilitation centres across the UK, Ocean can best place you in an addiction rehab centre that best caters to your needs.

Each rehabilitation programme is tailor made for the client to ensure that maximum chances of recovery and our team bring a range of skills and experience to assist all aspects of an individual’s life.

As well as having some of the best therapists in the industry, our clients work closely with those who have previously suffered from addiction themselves and are able to explore in detail the issues behind their addiction with people that understand.

Addiction Treatment aftercare with Ocean recovery

Alcoholism is a lifelong condition, and you will be faced with challenging situations during the course of your life after rehab. While attending residential treatment, you will create a long-term recovery plan, along with learning healthy coping mechanisms to overcome any alcohol relapses.

Aftercare is an essential part of your addiction treatment journey and in keeping you on track to a sober life. At Ocean recovery, access to 1-year free aftercare support is provided to all our clients. This will also help your family for the methods to help you transition back into your home environment.

During your aftercare programme, you will have access to a number of treatments such as

• Group therapy sessions
• Counselling
• Holistic therapy

No matter how long the rehab process takes, we are here to guide the way. See this period as an investment in yourself and your future, helping you lead the life you deserve. This is your time to work on yourself, returning home armed with lifesaving and changing tools. Whether you require a listening ear or advice on future steps, our team is here for you.

Get help with addiction specialists

As a leading UK-based drug and alcohol addiction rehab provider, we have successfully provided effective addiction treatment programmes that have helped thousands of individuals successfully start their journey towards long-term and sustained recovery from addiction.

All treatment options developed by our team of experienced addiction recovery specialists are strictly evidence-based and have been created to help people recover long term from alcohol addiction.

Our CQC alcohol rehab clinic offers a range of residential alcohol addiction treatment plans that will give you the best possible chance of overcoming addiction.

Our admissions team will give you no obligation to choose the best treatment options for your current circumstance. Call them today on 01253 847 553 or fill in our online contact form.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

What are the Signs of an Alcohol Addiction?

The signs that you are suffering from alcohol addiction include:

  • Binge drinking on your own
  • Drinking until you blackout
  • Being in denial or lying about how much you drink to your family members and friends
  • Drinking as soon as you get up in the morning
  • Using drink as a way of treating mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or stress
  • Increasing the frequency of your drink to feel drunk after developing a tolerance to alcohol

These are the more common signs, but we have found more deep-rooted problems causing an addiction that can only be solved by speaking to specialist treatment centres such as ourselves.

If you recognise any of the above signs or think you might have an addiction due to another reason, please get in touch with our team.

As addictions can be directly linked to mental health conditions, we offer dual treatment packages that treat your mental health condition and your alcohol addiction.

When you can control your mind, you will have a better chance of controlling your addiction, contact our team to find out more.

Why Should I Consider Residential Rehab?

When considering treatment options for alcohol rehab, you may be considering outpatient treatment, for example, but this is not a treatment method designed for those suffering from long term addiction.

With residential alcohol rehabilitation treatment, you will be receiving treatment from rehab clinics with 24/7 medical support to help you through successful detoxification where you may experience several uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Due to these symptoms, we would strongly recommend that detoxification is not attempted at home or without qualified medical professionals as the withdrawal symptoms may get to the stage where medical attention is required.

How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Typically Take?

At Ocean Recovery, we strongly recommend undertaking our full rehab programme, which is 28 days. During your recovery journey, you will spend a certain amount of time detoxifying, and the rest of the time will be inpatient care. However, we also offer a year-long aftercare programme specifically tailored to you.

How Much Does Alcohol Rehab Cost?

Finding rehab centres that can provide you with good quality treatment tailored to your needs can be a tough task.

We offer a range of packages that are specifically tailored to you. You can find more about the pricing and the options available by using our online contact form at the bottom of this page.

Will I Still Receive Help After I Receive Treatment?

Once you have successfully gone through alcohol rehabilitation, that is just the start of your journey.

Included in all rehabilitation packages with Ocean Recovery is a FREE 12-month aftercare plan.

Aftercare will give you access to regular meetings with our addiction experts every month to see how you are progressing and how well you deal with the temptations.

The likelihood of a relapse is unfortunately high after receiving treatment.

This is why we have aftercare plans to help reduce the likelihood of relapse by providing constant support in dedicated helplines that can be contacted 24/7.

Whenever you feel like the urge of the drink is getting the better of you simply pick up the phone and speak to our aftercare team who can help and support you through this difficult period.