Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

In order to start taking advantage of our unparalleled addiction treatment, all you need to do is reach out to our addiction specialists by calling us on 01253 847 553 for a FREE assessment or to book your place.

A high-quality, safe, and professional program to help you overcome your addict for good may well be only one simple phone call away.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Lancashire

Ocean Recovery’s private rehabilitation centre is Lancashire’s premier provider of residential and private treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Over the last five years, our teams of staff have really excelled in providing the North West of England with the UK’s absolute best in addiction treatment — and, with the benefit of a wealth of success stories behind us, our staff are still going from strength to strength.

In this contemporary landscape, our Alcohol Rehab Lancashire service has managed to assist thousands of individuals who sought to defeat their substance abuse disorder or alcoholism, and we are more than confident that we can help you overcome your struggles as well!

Our overall aim here at Ocean Recovery is to assist you in reaching and realising your long-term abstinence goal.

We will enable you to achieve this by providing you with a specially tailored rehabilitation programme that is designed to meet your exact needs and requirements.

We are fully committed to our status as a market-leading provider of residential rehabilitation services in the North West of England.

Our Alcohol Rehab is ultra-modern, well-maintained, and professional as well as offering luxurious private rooms, round-the-clock medical care and housekeeping services, and three daily home-cooked meals.

Every single one of our invaluable clients will benefit from comfortable, luxurious surroundings in which to recover from their addiction.

Furthermore, if you are reading this as you are concerned about the drug and/or alcohol consumption of someone other than yourself, perhaps a friend, family member or loved one, or colleague, then our staff can also work through a friend and/or family referral scheme.

In this process, our team of addiction specialists will help you through the difficult process of getting the person you are concerned about the much-needed help that they require at this challenging time.


Our Addiction Treatment Outlook And Approach To Therapy

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we subscribe to and support the ‘disease theory of addiction’. This means our clients are never judged or looked down upon due to their addiction.

Many of our staff members are themselves ‘in recovery’ and we know exactly how you may be feeling about the prospect of entering an addiction treatment centre for the very first time.

We also only employ medical professionals who are of the same thoughts in relation to addiction and will treat our clients with the respect and care that they need in order to forge the best possible long-term recovery.

Our Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre, we insist on providing addiction treatment in a residential setting.

This means you are allowed to remove yourself temporarily from life’s numerous pressures whilst you undergo your treatment for alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

By committing yourself to a treatment program at a recovery centre like ours, you are giving yourself enough breathing space in order to completely collect your thoughts and then build up the required emotional strength to avoid relapse once you return home.

Look, overcoming addiction can be a difficult road, there is no shying away from this fact. However, our staff have invaluable experience in finding the best way to guide everyone through this process, and by accepting Ocean Recovery’s help you are massively improving your chances of putting your addiction behind you for good.


About Our Therapies

You will work with a variety of professionals during your treatment programme, and these professionals will all have their own areas of expertise.

Altogether, this blend of addiction treatment approaches will help you to realise the most well-rounded recovery possible — one which heals your body, mind, and soul all at once.

Our clinic team and range of gifted therapists will ensure that, during your time with us, you can benefit from a range of diverse therapies including, but not limited to 12-step program work, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), laser therapies, meditation, one-to-one and group therapy, NAD+ therapy and holistic therapies.

Our therapies are proven to make a real difference for your long-term recovery outlook.

At Ocean Recovery Centre, our goal is to provide our clients with long-term and life-long recovery, and the therapies we offer are designed to assist in helping us meet this goal.

However, what makes our treatment plans so special is that we do not just focus on you during the time that you are spending at our facility.

We understand that one of the hardest parts of recovery can be the first 12 months after attending rehab.

Therefore, to make sure that we can help you get through this period, we will work with you on relapse prevention training during your stay with us.

And, once you have actually left our facility when your treatment is over, we will also make sure that you have access to our complimentary one-year aftercare program.

All of these treatments and preparations for life after you leave our facility will make sure that you are confident in yourself and your recovery, and ready to start living life to the fullest once more.


Get In Touch Today

We offer immediate admissions. This means you are not required to submit to a lengthy waiting process. We do not require a ‘doctor’s referral’.

This means you are not required to officially declare that you have received treatment for your addiction at a rehabilitation centre. To enquire about our services, contact us today on 01253 847 553.