Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Birmingham

Ocean Recovery provides drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham through evidence-based treatment programmes at our CQC registered facility. Continue reading to find out more about the key services we provide.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Birmingham

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Birmingham

Why should you consider rehab in Birmingham?

If you are considering rehab for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, you need to weigh up staying in close proximity to Birmingham or moving outside the area to complete treatment.

You may not want to have to send a family member to the other side of the country. But you also have to balance this up with staying too close to their local environment where the daily temptations are within easy reach.

This is why we have created the below list to outline the most critical factors to bear in mind when considering whether to receive drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham:

  • Focused Environment

Inpatient rehab provides the perfect environment as it completely separates individuals from places or people contributing to substance abuse problems.

When you take yourself of your environment, you will have no access to drugs or drink. Friends can strongly influence drug taking, and alcohol abuse can also have this social element attached.

You will not have this exposure at one of our drug rehab centres. During your comprehensive addiction treatment programme, you will learn more about your addiction and what triggers and different behavioural patterns contribute to your addiction.

Rehab also provides structure to your life, which is something many addicts struggle with. Our addiction specialists will work with you, and eventually, your drug habit or alcohol misuse will no longer be the main focus of your day.

  • Community Feel

Residential rehab provides each person with a bespoke treatment plan but retains a fantastic community spirit. A multi-disciplined support system creates a sense of community between our team of addiction recovery workers and fellow recovering addicts.

Surrounding yourself with a community of people who have the same shared goal and similar life experiences makes rehab an effective environment for addiction recovery.

Being a part of a community and forming new relationships with like-minded people is crucial for recovery. Going through treatment can be difficult, but having this type of support system motivates many to achieve recovery.

This support system is not achievable at home in Birmingham, undertaking an outpatient treatment plan. Residential rehab treatment brings together professionals who specialise in the treatment of drug addictions and any mental health disorders that contribute to your addiction.

  • Around The Clock Care

Many individuals struggle to beat drug and alcohol addiction due to the harmful withdrawal symptoms. This occurs when someone suffering from a chronic addiction tries to stop consuming the substance they are addicted to. These symptoms have to be carefully managed by addiction professionals.

Residential rehab clinics like ourselves will ensure that all individuals are closely monitored to ensure that any harmful withdrawal symptoms experienced are dealt with correctly.

Different drug addictions can have different levels of withdrawal. People with a substance addiction to cocaine may suffer more from mental distress compared to somebody who is alcohol dependent, who may suffer serious physical withdrawal symptoms.

Our medical professionals have treated people for all common addictions and also addictions to obscure prescription drugs. We have detox medication that can be provided based on your symptoms and will carefully monitor you through the detoxification process under full supervision.


How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

A typical drug and alcohol rehab programme will give individuals all the tools they need for maintaining long term recovery from alcohol addiction or other substance abuse disorders.

Here at Ocean Recovery’s alcohol and drug rehab, we place every client on a personalised treatment programme. We appreciate how the underlying cause of addiction differs for all individuals.

Our first aim will be to conduct a pre-admission assessment to help us better understand your addiction and recommend the correct personalised treatment programme. Once this stage has been completed and you agree to treatment, we will then look to arrange for your admission into the centre.

If you are visiting our Blackpool centre or another one of our rehab clinics closer to Birmingham, then transport to and from Birmingham will be included as part of your package to ensure a stress-free journey to the facility.


Once admitted into our centre, your programme will officially begin with the first stage being complete detoxification of all harmful substances from the body. This will usually take up to 10 days and will need to be monitored. Our health staff are on duty 24/7 to ensure that any medication or general medical attention is given if uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms are experienced.

Upon completing your detoxification, you will receive more intensive counselling and therapies sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy. This stage of the treatment is entirely focused on healing the mind and giving individuals access to essential tools needed to resist triggers and sustain long term recovery.

A range of common addiction treatments will form the foundation of your treatment at our inpatient residential rehab. From a medically assisted detox that manages your withdrawal symptoms to cognitive behavioural therapy and support groups. You can expect a mixture of medical and psychological treatments as standard.

Mental Health Treatment

Drug and alcohol misuse can cause psychological issues for addicts. Our addiction treatment programmes take a holistic approach, and we will aim to heal both your physical addiction and any mental health issues that can be a contributing factor to your ongoing addiction.

Existing mental health conditions can often be a key aspect that is a driving force behind your addiction. Any drug rehab programme that ignores mental health disorders will never spot a dual diagnosis of addiction and PTSD, for example. Identifying mental health conditions can be a key turning point and allow for more effective addiction treatment.

Psychologically driven treatment is also key factor in helping to achieve a long-term recovery. If you are in a good place mentally, the chances of relapse can be greatly reduced and will allow you to move past your addiction with a new focus.

We will also provide alternative holistic therapies based on your very specific needs. This approach will help to diminish your dependence, along with preparing you for a sober future in Birmingham.

Upon completion of the addiction treatment programme, you will also have access to 12 months of free aftercare as standard. This will give you access to regular meetings to check on your progress and a 24-hour line to our aftercare team.

We also understand how alcohol and drug addiction impacts clients differently. With this in mind, we tailor our rehab programmes to suit your needs, match your budget, and work towards your addiction recovery goals.


What are the main benefits of receiving private rehab?

Some of the main benefits private rehab provides to individuals suffering from addiction include:

  • No long waiting lists
  • An environment free from triggers
  • Nutritional programme prepared by onsite chef
  • Safe & medically led withdrawals
  • Find and treat the root cause of the addiction
  • Personalised addiction treatment programmes
  • Access to around the clock care & support
  • Expert team of addiction recovery specialists
  • 12 month’s free aftercare support


When should you seek help through rehab in Birmingham?

If you’re experiencing any form of negative behaviours or side effects from drug and alcohol consumption, then it is recommended that you seek professional help to determine whether treatment is needed.

The level of treatment required for addiction recovery, if recommended, will vary from person to person, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Many individuals suffering from addiction have both a physical and psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol. Our team will aim to diagnose the root cause of how addiction has developed through a full pre-admission assessment as well as counselling and therapies sessions that take place after admission into the centre.

The physical and psychological nature of addiction is why we recommend a holistic approach to treating addiction. Our Birmingham rehab programme is designed to help you improve your mind and body by promoting treatments to improve your overall health and well-being.

Treatment provided by Ocean Recovery requires you to stay at our facility for the entire duration of your rehab programme. This and our offering of free transport makes our facility an attractive option for those considering drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham.

If you are looking for a facility that is a little more closer to home, then we can also arrange for treatment to be provided at one of our partnering centres.

All treatment provided through Ocean Recovery is done through CQC registered facility.

No matter what rehab facility is selected, we will ensure that you’ll receive optimal care, you’ll complete wide-ranging addiction treatments following a personalised approach, and our specialist addiction counsellors and team will guide you. You’ll reside in a home from home environment, with a private and relaxing atmosphere, helping you truly recover.

For the most dependable recovery programme, you must select the right treatment service for your needs. Contact our team to run through your available treatment options.


Local Substance Abuse Charities in Birmingham

Change Grow Live – Birmingham
Change Grow is a leading UK based charity that specifically helps people get treated for substance abuse disorders:

Change Grow Live - Birmingham

Tel: 0121 227 5890
Address: Office 1, Patrick Drive, Shady Lane, Great Barr, Birmingham, West Midlands, B44 9ER
Email: birmingham.info@cgl.org.uk

Leading Birmingham based charity that supports people affected by drugs, alcohol and gambling:

Aquarius Logo

Tel: 0121 622 8181
Address: 236 Bristol Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7SL
Email: headoffice@aquarius.org.uk


Local Drug and Alcohol Support Meetings in Birmingham

Upon completion of your rehabilitation programme, our team will recommend that you attend local AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) to help support long term recovery.

The meetings are completely free and play a big part in helping yourself or a loved one stick to recovery long after treatment is provided through private rehab.

Local AA Meeting’s in Birmingham:


St Mary’s Church, Market Place, Sheepy Rd

Day: Wednesday

Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins

Postcode: CV9 1EX


Walker Memorial Hall, Ampton Road, Edgbaston

Email: walkerhallsaturday@gmail.com

Day: Saturday

Time: 11.00 – duration 1hr 30mins

Postcode: B15 2UJ

Kings Heath/Moseley

St Columbas UR Church, Chantry Rd, Moseley

Day: Monday

Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins

Postcode: B13 8DL

Local NA Meetings in Birmingham:

Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield United Reform Church, 1 Brassington Avenue, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Day: Sunday

Time: 19:00 – duration 90 minutes

Postcode: B73 6AA


Stoke St Michaels, Walsgrave Road, Stoke, Coventry, West Midlands

Day: Wednesday

Time: 19:30 – duration 90 minutes

Postcode: CV2 4BG


Acocks Green Methodist Church, 1 Botteville Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham, West Midlands

Day: Friday

Time: 19:00 – duration 90 minutes

Postcode: B27 7YE

Use our below interactive map to find local NA & AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) addiction support groups taking place in the Birmingham area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment?

An inpatient treatment programme will require you to spend all your time within a residential treatment centre where you will be away from potential triggers in your everyday life. This treatment plan is more intensive, and you will have access to around the clock professional care from some of the leading UK addiction therapists. Inpatient treatment has the highest level of success when it comes to addiction recovery.

Outpatient treatment differs in that you only attend the treatment centre for dedicated times during your program, and you still live at home away from the centre. This type of treatment is best suited to less severe addictions.

What addictions are treated at Ocean recovery treatment centre?

Ocean Recovery is one of the leading treatment centres in the UK. We can offer tailored treatment plans to suit each individual’s specific needs with a variety of different addictions.

Some of the primary addictions we provide treatment for includes Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Prescription Drug Addiction. Click here to find out more about what we treat.