Everything learnt during the addiction rehab is geared towards preparing clients for the ‘real world’ upon successful completion. Once clients leave the clinic their willpower will be tested especially if the ‘triggers of addiction’ remain.

To help combat temptation Ocean Recovery Centre provide an aftercare treatment programme that assists clients sobriety. Aftercare plans complement the therapy sessions clients received during the residential rehab programme.

All of our 28-day programmes also come with a FREE 12-month aftercare support package which helps avoid relapse.

We are a person-centred service with a holistic care approach and we are fully focused on recovery pathways for all clients.

Ocean Recovery Centre tailors aftercare plans for the individual. The aftercare plans help clients avoid relapse in the 12 months after leaving the clinic.

The plans factor in the unique challenges that clients will face in ordinary life. Our extended aftercare lasts up to 12 months after in-client rehab ends.

What Factors Influence Aftercare?

Aftercare plans are designed around the below factors:

  • The client’s age
  • The sex of the client
  • The addiction
  • Typical client behaviours
  • The clients’ medical history
  • The social environment
  • The professional/work environment
  • History of the clients’ rehabilitation


Ocean Recovery Centre has put in place an extensive and experienced aftercare support team. This team is made up of medical professionals, drug and alcohol addiction counsellors, volunteers and other suffers who have been in drug or alcohol rehab.

This team make the difference between a successful recovery and relapse especially in the months following the rehab treatment. If clients relapse or are very tempted our support team will provide advice to help ensure the recovery continues.

Contact Ocean Recovery Centre Today

If you more information about Ocean Recovery’s aftercare programme, call 01253 847 553 and we will be happy to help. Our residential alcohol and drug rehab centre is based in the North West in Blackpool. Alternatively, you can contact the centre by completing the enquiry form.