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If you are based in Cardiff suffering with an alcohol addiction, consider our rehab programmes here at Ocean Recovery Centre. We have spaces available now!

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Cardiff

Cardiff Treatment Centres

Are you based in Cardiff tackling a long-term drug or alcohol addiction? Or maybe you find it difficult to cope through certain life events without turning to drugs or alcohol? If this sounds like your situation, a dependency could be a future or fast approaching possibility.


The Effects of An Alcohol Addiction

To many, alcohol is a way of relaxing and socialising. However, for others, physical and psychological dependencies are present, craving alcohol to subsidise withdrawal symptoms. For those living with an addiction, it’s difficult to get through a day without craving some form of alcohol.

Long-term alcohol consumption can be detrimental for users. When comparing to hard drugs, alcohol is perceived by the public to be rarely dangerous. However, alcoholism is one of the biggest killers in the United Kingdom. With causing both mental and physical health issues, an addiction can significantly reduce your current and future quality of life.

If you are experiencing health issues from consistent alcohol consumption, have you considered attending alcohol rehab? Maybe you’ve already looked for a clinic in Cardiff, however, believe that rehabilitation will be impossible? Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we can help you see how overcoming your alcohol addiction is possible through our industry leading addiction treatments. We will motivate residential treatment by visiting our Blackpool based rehab centre, helping you move away from your current influences. However, be assured that your comfort will be priority.

Seek medically assisted support today and take the first step before greater deterioration occurs. Contact our expert team today to overcome your alcohol addiction and progress your road to recovery.


Our Treatments Available to Overcome Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction

If you believe that stepping away from your home-based in Cardiff and visiting our home from home rehab centre will benefit you, you can expect to receive an array of evidence-based treatments. Each will help to alleviate and overcome your addiction, focusing on physical and psychological methods. Once you enter our drug and alcohol clinic, you will be provided with a unique treatment plan to ensure that we are tackling each area of your addiction.

The first step of your rehab treatment will be a drug or detox programme. Here is where your consumption will be reduced until a reliance is no longer present. This is the most challenging part of the process, as you detach yourself physically from the substance. Withdrawal symptoms will set in as your body and brain acknowledges a disconnect. However, without this step, complete rehabilitation will not be possible.

Once you’ve experienced a full detox from drugs or alcohol, we will move to the psychology behind your addiction. Here is where our specialised therapists will support you by listening to your story, helping them understand where your dependency has stemmed from. For some, an addiction may have been influenced by one large life-changing episode, causing a turn to the drug. For others, an addiction may stem from a downward spiral of regular binges. Please be assured that our team are compassionate and will not judge your story. It is highly important that they understand the history of your addiction to treat you appropriately.

After your initial discussion, your therapist will recommend certain addiction treatments to help change your outlook on drug and alcohol consumption. Methods will usually include group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and one-to-one regular sessions. Each will be vital steps in your rehabilitation to promote a positive road to recovery. You will learn to change your thoughts to positive ones, while using further client journeys for inspiration.

To further support your recovery, relapse prevention sessions will be offered to help you form healthy coping mechanisms. This will prepare you for your return to Cardiff post rehab, ensuring you are ready to tackle any old influences. If you are wondering why we are passionate about promoting relocation for your addiction treatment, here is why. We believe that moving you away from your daily stimuli’s will give you a different perspective without any distractions, supporting you for a stronger recovery process. When you return home, you will feel reenergised and ready to live your new life.

Once you do return home to Cardiff, we will provide ongoing aftercare to ensure that your addiction has diminished, and an alcohol-free life is being lived. Please be assured that a return home will only ever be recommended once you feel strong enough, mentally and physically to avoid alcohol and drugs.

Learn life-changing tools to help you overcome your alcohol addiction and take control of your life through a sober future.


Your Ocean Recovery Centre Experience

Whether you are visiting our rehab centre to overcome an alcohol addiction, a drug dependency or a mental health disorder, we will ensure that your experience is positive. We understand that leaving home, leaving your comforts and undergoing a new experience without your loved ones can seem daunting. However, here at Ocean Recovery Centre we make comfort a priority for you.

We will take your personal requirements into consideration, whilst creating a homely feel to our centre. We believe that the setting you are in, along with the support you receive is paramount to your recovery rate. Experience our comfortable and supportive atmosphere today, and conquer your addiction in a positive environment.

To further reduce your anxiety of leaving home, we will ensure that your loved ones are kept in the loop throughout your alcohol rehab programme. We understand that for some clients, their support network is formed by their family. We will aim to involve your family in therapy sessions, whilst also preparing them for your return home to Cardiff. Our team will also provide around the clock support in your times of need, helping you overcome any feelings of loneliness or detachment. They will also be there in your times of celebration to praise your great work so far.

If you believe that moving away from your Cardiff base and visiting our centre will improve your quality of life, contact our team today. We will get to know your story and recommend appropriate treatments to help you overcome this distressing time. We will support you from the offset, ensuring that your journey to recovery is positive. For enquiries, contact our team today on 01253 847 553 or text HELP for our support.