Wales Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wales

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Wales

Wales is made up of many pleasant towns, cities and pretty rural areas, but unfortunately, like many parts of the UK, there are areas where there are large numbers of people with addictions. This can make it difficult to get drug and alcohol rehab in Wales through the NHS, meaning that you may be considering private rehab. The Ocean Recovery Centre is set in Blackpool, just a few hours drive from most of Wales, making it an ideal location for people across the country.


Residential treatment tailored to you

If you search for drug and alcohol rehab in Wales, you’ll find a number of options available in various areas of the country. This includes both inpatient and outpatient options, so you can either carry out the treatment at home or get admitted to a clinic. A lot of people initially think that outpatient treatment will be a good option for them. After all, nobody really wants to spend a long period away from home. However, there are many reasons why outpatient care has a high relapse rate. Firstly, you’re still around many sources of temptation. Whether it’s the shop down the road that sells alcohol, or your group of friends who take drugs at the weekend. You have to have incredible willpower to ignore these sorts of influences and stay sober when things get tough.

Secondly, many people with addictions are in negative behavioural cycles, which can be influenced by their home life. Whether it’s stress from work or home or toxic relationships. Many simply don’t realise how bad the situation is until they spend time at rehab centres and get some head space.

While you may have the support of family or loved ones at home, this is very different to the 24/7 support offered at rehab clinics. No matter how much your loved ones care about you, it’s a lot of pressure on them to deal with your addiction, so going into rehab can give them a bit of space too.

You may feel quite anxious about going into rehab, but rest assured, the Ocean Recovery Centre is a wonderful place to heal. We offer a warm welcome and plenty of support during your stay, and you will no doubt be glad you took the time to go through residential rehab.


Treating drug and alcohol addiction

There’s no magic cure for an alcohol or drug addiction, each case is different and what works for one person, simply doesn’t register with another. That’s why, at the Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer a comprehensive programme that aims to tackle the causes of your addiction. This includes intensive therapy, both in individual and group sessions, which allows you to think about why you developed a drug and alcohol addiction. During this time, you can also think about what causes you to use drugs or binge drink, and how you’ll cope on the outside of rehab. We talk a lot about relapse prevention and how you can stay sober in the long term too.

In addition to traditional therapies, we offer a wide range of holistic treatments. This includes mindfulness sessions and much more. These types of activities can help you stay focused on your recovery and can be very helpful for maintaining sobriety. Many people who come to the Ocean Recovery Centre have neglected their health while suffering from an addiction, so we start to heal the damage to your body too, offering nutritious meals, fresh air and exercise.


Going through withdrawal

Withdrawal, commonly known as detox, can be a very scary prospect to someone with an addiction. However, you simply can’t complete rehab without coming off of these substances. When you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Wales, you may come across treatment centres that promise to help you drink or use drugs in moderation, but these claims should be treated with suspicion. At the Ocean Recovery Centre, we believe it’s better to aim for sobriety for life, and this begins with a detox.

When you detox from drugs or alcohol, you simply stop using the substance and over time it’ll leave your body. Depending on how long you’ve used these substances and how heavily, you may get side effects, but the good news is that we can provide prescription medication to make these easier to manage.

You’ll also be well supported during the detox process. Staying in residential rehab means that you can be monitored and get round the clock care. Therefore, if things get difficult and you need extra help or support, all you need to do is ask. This phase of drug and alcohol rehab typically takes about five days, although some substances can take longer to leave your body, and you can then begin your rehab programme.


Planning your aftercare

In general, most people with drug or alcohol addictions spend 28 days with us. This allows us to deliver a full treatment programme to give you the best chance of success. However, we understand that the first year of sobriety outside of rehab can be incredibly hard. That’s why we offer a year of free aftercare to those who complete their programme. It is also important to remember that rehab is not a 28 day cure but a life long commitment, and you should try and complete the full term or at least consider the risks of leaving rehab early.

When your stay with us is coming to an end, we’ll discuss strategies to keep you sober in the long term. Outside of rehab you may need help with your mental health, job search or rebuilding relationships, so we can ensure you get the right support. Some people join 12-step programmes such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, which can be a good way to build a support network. We want you to have the best chance of success once you leave the centre, so do all we can to put the right support in place.

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Wales or in need of drug and alcohol rehab in Northern Ireland, Scotland or anywhere else in the UK and need fast admission, you can start your journey today by calling the Ocean Recovery Centre on 01253 847 553 or by texting HELP to 83222.