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Anxiety and Addiction Guide

It’s rare for an addiction to materialise from thin air. Instead, addiction is usually caused by deeper psychiatric issues such as anxiety and depression. In this way, the addict uses drugs or alcohol as a way of escaping from the negative thoughts and feelings attached to depression and anxiety. At our alcohol rehab clinic, this […]

Ultimate Guide to Addiction & Suicide

Ultimate Guide to Addiction & Suicide
When you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or certain behaviours such as gambling, there undoubtedly exists a wide range of dangers to your physical and mental health. Drug and alcohol users are often concerned with the risk of overdose, and often overlook psychological-fuelled risks such as suicide. To correct this, […]

Concerns Raised Over Computer Assisted CBT

Over the last five years, we have witnessed the rise of online cognitive behavioural therapy sessions. These mental health treatments aim to treat the underlying emotional causes of mental health ailments such as depression.This treatment is formally known as Computer-assisted CBT (cCBT)cCBT has been endorsed both by the NHS and by the National Institute for […]

Does Omega 3 Help Depression?

A new report published by researchers at the University of Bournemouth casts serious doubt on claims that omega-3 fatty acid supplements are an effective treatment for clinical depression.The study took 26 randomised controlled trials consisting of 1500 adults. Each adult in the study suffered from clinical depression. Some participants were given omega-3 whilst others were […]