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Alcohol Addiction

Am I an Alcoholic?

In this blog post, we attempt to answer the question ‘am I an alcoholic’? Unfortunately, there exist many misleading stereotypes when it comes to alcoholism. These stereotypes are not helpful because they do not accurately represent alcoholism in the least. When you think about people who suffer from alcoholism, you probably think about the homeless […]

The Shocking Facts About Alcohol Consumption [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this candid and sensational infographic, we visually outline a number of startling facts concerning alcohol consumption in the United Kingdom.Specifically, this tell-all infographic reveals to you:The shocking event of binge drinking amongst the UK publicThe number of alcohol-related deaths that occurred during recent yearsGender differences for the occurrence of alcohol addictionThe volume of prescription […]

New Study Reveals Risks of Binge Drinking

The medical community and indeed good common-sense all unanimously agree that binge drinking is detrimental to human health. However, a startling new report published in Biomolecules reveals binge drinking could be significantly worse for our health than was previously thought. According to the report, these health risks include life-threatening conditions such as liver damage.Rise and […]

NHS reveals Men in England drink twice as much as women

A shocking new study published by NHS England reveals men living in England drink twice as much as their female peers.   Age and wealth were also considered factors that influence how much alcohol people are likely to consume. The study says around one in twenty males living in England drink an incredible 50 units of […]

Malaysia Set to Raise Age of Legal Alcohol Consumption

Malaysia announced last week its intention to raise the age its citizens may legally drink alcohol. The current legal age for alcohol consumption is 18, but this is now set to raise to 21 in early 2016.Lawmakers are reacting to what they claim to be recent increases in underage drinking.The Malaysian Government also plans to […]

Is Alcohol Addiction Dangerous?

In this blog post, we answer the question “Is alcohol addiction dangerous?” At Ocean Recovery Centre, our alcohol detox clinic treats hundreds of patients suffering from alcoholism each month.With this insight, we can categorically say that alcohol addiction is incredibly dangerous to your health. When we say ‘health’ we mean both your mental and physical […]

Concerns Raised Over Computer Assisted CBT

Over the last five years, we have witnessed the rise of online cognitive behavioural therapy sessions. These mental health treatments aim to treat the underlying emotional causes of mental health ailments such as depression.This treatment is formally known as Computer-assisted CBT (cCBT)cCBT has been endorsed both by the NHS and by the National Institute for […]

Am I An Alcoholic?

In this post, we answer the burning question ‘Am I an Alcoholic?’ If you have asked this important question, perhaps typing this into a search engine, then what follows could be the most important message you hear this year!If you have asked ‘Am I an Alcoholic?’ then it is highly likely you are concerned by […]

Month Long Alcohol Break Gives Huge Health Benefits

A ground-breaking new report reveals a month break from booze affords huge health benefits including weight loss, lower blood pressure and a rejuvenated liver.The study, conducted by the Royal Free hospital and oversaw by liver specialist Gautam Mehta, examined the health of men and women in their 40s who participated in Alcohol Concern’s “Dry January”.During […]

Announcing the Alcohol Quiz