About Nova Recovery

Operated by Step One Recovery, Nova Recovery is a specialist Private Hospital for mental health and addiction treatments in Scotland. Located in the West Coast of Scotland, the centre is surrounded by scenic country walks and beaches which overlook the Isle of Arran. The clinic is situated just 30 miles away from the city of Glasgow which provides residents with numerous transport links to the rest of the United Kingdom and beyond.

Registered with Health Improvement Scotland (an NHS registered body), Nova Recovery offers a wide variety of treatments to help clients overcome drug and alcohol addictions. They are registered with HIS, and are classed as a specialist rehabilitation hospital rather than a regular rehabilitation clinic which means that they can provide the best quality of care. Their aim is to deliver excellent treatment to every individual that seeks support with so they can live a sober life free from addiction.

Their private treatment services combine comfortable, quality accommodation with outstanding therapy programmes that are proven to support recovery from conditions such as drug and alcohol addiction, as well as dual diagnosis treatments for those with an addiction and mental health issue. The specialist team works around the clock to provide residents with much needed support and advice during their stay.

Nova Recovery’s Vision and Values

Nova Recovery understands that client’s addiction history and home environment have a huge impact on their mental health, which is why they aim to teach sustainable principles to manage their recovery and provide them with the tools to maintain sobriety after treatment. The team are committed to helping individuals, communities, and families to achieve freedom from addiction by providing them with the best care and rehab programme available. The personalised rehabilitation programmes provide people seeking treatment for addiction the best chance at recovery.

About The Facilities

Key offerings at Nova Recovery’s facility include:

  • Drug and alcohol rehab in Scotland
  • 1:1 support from clinical nurse practitioners, registered mental health nurses, and therapists
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Comfortable & quality accommodation
  • Clinically led recovery model – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • 1 year of free aftercare for those who have successfully completed a 28-day residential stay
  • Modern communal lounge with a TV
  • Contemporary dining lounge
  • Garden & outdoor seating area

CQC Accredited

To keep clients at Nova Recovery safe and in line with government regulations, the clinic is inspected regularly by bodies such as the Scottish Care Inspectorate, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Nova Recovery goes above and beyond these regulatory bodies’ requirements to ensure that patients receive the outstanding care and treatment that is needed to make a full recovery.

Their Approach

As a specialist private hospital, Nova Recovery are committed to helping individuals, families, and communities to achieve full recovery and freedom from mental health issues and addiction. They create individual treatment care plans which combine holistic and therapeutic approaches to addiction treatment with an exceptional team of medical professionals, therapists, and mental health nursing practitioners. The expert team implements a variety of techniques to help residents overcome their addictions. These include:

  • Initial detox period
  • Psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), trauma and abuse counselling
  • Group therapy
  • Wellbeing therapies, such as: music, sleep management and mindfulness
  • Social activities – daily group walks, family visits, quiz nights
  • Rehab aftercare

Meet the team!

At Nova Recovery the team are all fully qualified and committed to patient recovery.

Alexander Lapa – Psychiatrist

Dr Lapa is the Psychiatrist who first graduated in Medicine in 2000 and has since gained accreditations in addiction related fields. He is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), is a member of the British Association for Psychopharmacology (BMA) and the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF).

Amy Tierney – Mental Health Nurse

Amy is a registered mental health nurse who has plenty of experience caring for residents during their difficult phases in recovery.

Madissar Iqbal – Operations Manager

Madissar is the operations manager who has over 20 years of managerial experience in the substance misuse sector. He has delivered various drug programmes to inmates during his time as a prison officer and is committed to providing those with addictions unique recovery treatment.

Scott Watson – Chef

Scott is the much-loved chef at Nova Recovery, known for his delicious meals and caring attitude.

Don’t just take our word for it…


Oliver Ewer said: “Nova Recovery saved my life.

I came in here very, very unwell and they have done everything to make sure I had a comfortable stay, they attended to all my needs and there was no issue at all with any staff – they were so welcoming!

The food is great too, BIG LOVE.”


Bryn Cragg said: “Nova has literally saved my life. The staff are insanely friendly and helpful.

I learned so much about addiction and about myself, that’s given me the tools to handle my problem on the outside world.

They made me believe in myself and taught me to put myself FIRST.

I have battled cocaine addiction for over 6 years, I wish I found this place sooner.

I felt a family member and loved by all in Nova.

I HIGHLY recommend Nova for anyone who struggles with addiction. You will NOT be disappointed. The setting around this place is perfect for recovery, with a beach, hills, and things to make you find clarity.

I highly recommend this miracle place.”

John Gillen - Author - Last updated: October 27, 2023

John is one UK’s leading professionals in the addiction recovery industry. Pioneering new treatment techniques such as NAD+ and ongoing research into new therapy techniques such as systematic laser therapy, John is committed to providing the very best treatment for people throughout the UK and Europe. During his extremely busy schedule, John likes to regularly update our blog section with the latest news and trends in the industry to keep visitors to our site as well informed as possible on everything related to addiction treatment.