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John Gillen is a Leading Addiction Treatment Expert

John Gillen

22 Jan 2021

Crime and addiction

Living through the addiction cycle will carry its tests. Through the ongoing abuse of drugs, alcohol, other addictive…

15 Jan 2021

Health Risks Of Being Obese

Across the United Kingdom, millions of people are clinically categorised as being obese.  Sadly, this has seen a…

12 Jan 2021

The Impact of COVID-19 on Addiction & Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of people’s lives. Not just in the United Kingdom, but across…

08 Jan 2021

Natural Treatments for Depression

Combating mental health issues, such as depression, is usually associated with lengthy counselling sessions, with cognitive behavioural therapy,…

18 Dec 2020

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guernsey

Addiction is a challenging thing to overcome without expert knowledge. Private drug and alcohol rehab is the most…

18 Dec 2020

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Conway

Drug addiction is higher in Wales than the average for the UK and Wales recorded a record number…

18 Dec 2020

Drug and Alcohol Rehab County Antrim

In many ways, the person under the influence and demands of alcohol or drug addiction is not the…

18 Dec 2020

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Redbridge

However, Ocean Recovery’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres have been working tirelessly in order to make sure…

18 Dec 2020

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Folkestone

People who are struggling with addiction are usually harming not only themselves but also their nearest and dearest.…

18 Dec 2020

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Romford

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it may be likely that you are currently in denial of the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction.…
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