NHS reveals Men in England drink twice as much as women

NHS reveals Men in England drink twice as much as women

A shocking new study published by NHS England reveals men living in England drink twice as much as their female peers.   Age and wealth were also considered factors that influence how much alcohol people are likely to consume. 

The study says around one in twenty males living in England drink an incredible 50 units of alcohol each week. This is the equivalent to around twenty-six pints of beer or seven bottles of red or white wine.  

On average, English males drink around 16 units of alcohol over a seven day period. This compares to just 8 units for women over an equal number of days.

The amount of alcohol you are likely to drink is also linked to your earnings. The top 20% of earners are ‘significantly’ more likely to overindulge on alcohol compared to the bottom 20% of earners.

Only 5% of the poorest male earners choose to engage in binge drinking or chronic alcohol use. Shockingly, 27% of the richest male earners choose to drink more than the recommended weekly units of alcohol. 

One of the authors of the report, Elizabeth Fuller, said: “There is a sizeable minority of adults who habitually drink above the lower risk levels.

“This is especially the case for middle-aged men and women and adults in higher-income households, who are thus putting themselves at risk of a number of alcohol-related health conditions including several cancers, cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure and depression.”

The NHS report involved more than 10,000 people taking part in an online questionnaire. 

Incredibly, the older generation now drink more alcohol than the rest of us. This is in sharp contrast to studies conducted more than a decade ago, when people over the age of 65 drank the least amount of alcohol. 

The NHS report reveals 30% of males over the age 65 drink regularly drink more than the recommended twenty-one units per week.

Women aged 55-64 were found to drink more than other female age groups,

However, not all is doom and gloom. For instance, the study reveals a fall in the number of men and women who regularly engage in binge drinking. 

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