Humber Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Humber

When you’re trying to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Humber, you’ll be presented with a multitude of options to research.

This process in itself can be very stressful particularly when you’re already dealing with the negative impact of addiction to alcohol or drugs.

We appreciate how daunting it can be to commit yourself to joining an addiction treatment programme. We can assure you; our admissions team are friendly, patient, and compassionate at all times. We’re here to discuss the drug and alcohol services available to you and answer any questions you may have.

We believe in the importance of acting fast once you’ve contacted our rehabilitation centre and aim to welcome you into our rehab within 48 hours of your initial contact.

This will ensure you’re in safe hands as quickly as possible and gives you less time to change your mind about the life-changing journey you’re about to embark on.

Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is a huge challenge, but there’s nothing more rewarding than overcoming your addiction and creating a positive future to look forward to.

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Why should you undergo Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Completing a drug and alcohol rehab programme really is the only option if you truly want to beat your addiction once and for all. It’s impossible to recover from addiction to alcohol or drugs using medication alone, you must undergo various therapies which address your physical and psychological connection to the substance.

Only then will you be able to begin working towards recovery from this complex condition. There’s no quick fix when it comes to addiction treatment, you must be prepared and committed to putting all of your efforts into your treatment programme.

There are some great benefits to joining a residential rehabilitation centre, a service which we offer at our rehab in Humber.

Drug and alcohol treatment is also available through free local health services like the NHS and as an outpatient, however, these have proven to be far less effective than a residential addiction treatment programme.

Attempting to recover whilst staying at home is far more difficult than you may imagine. You’ll still be juggling the daily stresses of home life and the distractions of family, friends, and work.

You’re also more likely to suffer from a relapse should you remain at home as this could be where your negative influences are present.

It’s much more effective and efficient to remove yourself from this environment, thus removing all of the distractions and pressures which impact you on a day-to-day basis.

At our rehab in Humber, you’ll be entering a recovery focused setting where you have 24/7 support from a team of professional addiction specialists.

We’re dedicated to helping you every step of the way whilst ensuring you’re comfortable in your private room as you go through your addiction treatment.

Not only do we have an excellent group of recovery workers with us, but they’re also utilising evidence-based therapies with a proven success rate.

Our high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in Humber is lucky enough to have deluxe accommodation where each client receives beautiful, healthy meals.


Is Drug and Alcohol Detoxification compulsory?

We would never force you to do anything you don’t want to at our drug and alcohol rehab. However, we will make some strong suggestions based on the severity and nature of your addiction as to which therapies we believe will benefit your recovery.

One of these highly recommended therapies is drug or alcohol detox. It has such a great success rate in helping people break their physical dependence on the substance by gradually reducing their consumption in a safe and effective way.

Visiting our detox clinic is normally the first thing you’ll do when you join our rehabilitation centre. A drug or alcohol detox cleanses your system, allowing your body to recover from the awful effects of substance abuse

It’s a tough process, but we can assure you it’ll be worth it in the end.

After you’ve completed your visit to our detox clinic and the toxins have left your system, you can start your therapy sessions which will feature a mix of therapies focusing on both your psychological and well-being needs.

Completing a drug or alcohol detox prior to your therapy sessions will really help to prepare your mind and body for what’s to come and help your therapies be as effective as they can be.


Do we deliver Dual-Diagnosis Treatment?

All of our team are trained within many aspects of addiction treatment, one of them being dual diagnosis treatment. This is because it’s so much more common than you may think.

When someone is living with a dual diagnosis, it means they’re suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction as well as poor mental health. There needs to be much more awareness raised around dual diagnosis treatment so You might not even realise that you have a dual diagnosis.

Our addiction treatment team will be able to help you uncover what may have caused your addiction in the first place and whether this influenced your mental health issues or vice versa.

A dual diagnosis can either occur when someone who is suffering with poor mental health turns to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope, or on the other hand, when someone is excessively abusing alcohol or drugs, they can develop problems with their mental health as a result.

Whether you’ve been living with your addiction for years now or you’ve only just begun to notice the impact which addiction to alcohol or drugs is having on your life, it’s important to seek professional support as soon as possible; there’s no time to waste.

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