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Top 80 Recovery Blogs of 2016

Following the success of last year’s Top Recovery Blogs 2015, we’ve decided to continue this tradition for another year. This year has been an immensely strong one for recovery blogs, and we hope you will profit from the list of winners we’ve included below. We know we certainly did!
Many of these bloggers are little-known. Many […]

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Cancers Caused by Alcohol ‘To kill 135,000 in Next 20 Years’

A new study commissioned by Cancer Research and conducted by the University of Sheffield warns alcohol-related cancers could kill up to 135,000 people between now and 2035 if action is not taken to encourage people to reduce their drinking.The report says this might cost the NHS around £2Bn in treatment costs.The report recommends the Government […]

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Appeal Tries To Stop Minimum Alcohol Unit Pricing

The Scottish Government’s aim of enforcing minimum alcohol unit pricing took a fresh setback today. This is because the Scotch Whiskey Association (SWA) has lodged an appeal to the UK Supreme Court seeking to challenge the policy on groups it breaches EU trade laws.The Scottish Government has for many years now attempted to enforce the […]

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Drug-related Deaths now at Record High in England and Wales

The Government’s policy of dealing with drug and alcohol addiction was hit with fresh criticism this week. Why? Because official figures reveal drug-related deaths have hit record levels in both England and Wales.These figures counted coroners’ ruling during the year 2015.These deaths involved the consumption of drugs such as cocaine, opiates and amphetamines, as well […]

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Welsh Government to Spend £2.4M to Treat Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

The Welsh Government announced yesterday it’s plans to inject a further £2.4M into plans to help treat alcohol-related liver disease.The Government says the extra money will be ploughed into a national awareness campaign.The news follows Office of National Statistics data revealing an increase in deaths caused by alcohol-related liver disease in Wales.The number of deaths […]

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Women Urged to ‘Think’ About Cancer Before Drinking Alcohol

England’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, has urged fellow women to ‘weigh up’ the risk of cancer before drinking a single glass of wine. Dame Sally says she imposes this ‘cost-benefit’ analysis personally.These comments were made by Dame Sally last week during a Common’s select committee and follow recent alterations to the ‘alcohol consumption guidelines’. Dame […]

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The Potential Disadvantages of ‘Dry January’

Most of you will have undoubtedly came across the ‘Dry January’ campaign promoted by Alcohol Concern and backed by Public Health England. Over two million people are thought to be currently taking part in the campaign. As the name suggests, this requires participants to undertake an entire month without alcohol. On the face of it, […]

NHS reveals Men in England drink twice as much as women

A shocking new study published by NHS England reveals men living in England drink twice as much as their female peers.   Age and wealth were also considered factors that influence how much alcohol people are likely to consume. The study says around one in twenty males living in England drink an incredible 50 units of […]

Top Recovery Blogs of 2015

Around this time last year, we published the Twitter Influencer Awards in the ‘recovery’ category. We received positive feedback for this piece of content. However, many of those who receive an award were industry ‘heavy weights’. This is because the Twitter awards are largely determined by the ratio Twitter ‘followers’ to ‘following’, along with a few […]

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Malaysia Set to Raise Age of Legal Alcohol Consumption

Malaysia announced last week its intention to raise the age its citizens may legally drink alcohol. The current legal age for alcohol consumption is 18, but this is now set to raise to 21 in early 2016.Lawmakers are reacting to what they claim to be recent increases in underage drinking.The Malaysian Government also plans to […]