Alcohol and its effect on unemployment

Across the UK, substance abuse is continually rising. Yet, in tandem, unemployment rates are also soaring.

When looking at previous studies, and the definite link between both alcoholism and unemployment, it is understandable to see why both are concerningly increasing. It’s evident to see how both life-changing occurrences can fuel one another, leading to a reduced quality of life.

With today’s pressures in society, more individuals are turning to drugs and alcohol as an escape. For some, this will unfortunately become out of control, leading to job losses. Likewise, as the economy struggles and the unemployment rate increases, both newly emerged addictions and relapses are occurring.

Although easier said than done, it is important that an understanding of the link between alcoholism and unemployment is made. It is vital that those abusing alcohol, prescription drugs or illicit drugs appreciate the damaging probabilities of losing a job. In addition, it is a duty of care for employers to gauge the importance of workplace support and addiction recovery policies, with the aim to reduce unemployment.

All in all, with a better grasp on the damaging link between alcoholism and unemployment, both societal and economic pressures will intendedly subsidise. If you’re currently struggling with alcoholism, please have the knowledge that support is available via our rehab facility here at Ocean Recovery Centre.

The dangers of alcoholism

Alcohol consumption is highly normalised in the UK. It is a part of our culture. However, for some individuals, the norm has developed into an addiction, resulting in an alcoholism diagnosis.

Along with the damaging potential of unemployment, ongoing alcohol abuse can result in many dangers, with a focus on the negative associations of addiction. From the high probability of developing mental health issues and the chance of abusing stronger substances, to physical health problems and relationship breakdowns, general life will no longer exist when alcohol consumption is prioritised.

The concerning factor is that once alcoholism does develop, it can be difficult to break the cycle without professional intervention. By living through denial or delaying any form of treatment for alcoholism, there is a great opportunity that those life-changing impacts will occur, including unemployment.

If you or someone you know is abusing alcohol excessively, resembling an addiction, it is imperative that you consider yours or your loved one’s quality of life. Understandably, it can take some time to welcome rehabilitation. Yet, taking small steps now will reduce the likelihood of experiencing the disheartening and dangerous link between alcoholism and unemployment; along with additional addiction impacts.

Both alcoholism and unemployment are standalone experiences, now commonly occurring. However, once either is experienced, there is a high probability that the other will follow suit. The concerning link between alcoholism and unemployment is their ability to aggravate one another, resulting in a difficult cycle to break.

The link between alcoholism and unemployment commonly falls down to:

Unemployment can increase addiction probabilities
Once an individual experiencing the disheartening news of losing their job, a rollercoaster of emotions is very likely. Some individuals will react proactively by considering new opportunities. While others will turn to drugs or alcohol, with the attempt to escape from reality. The selected route when experiencing unemployment can fall down to a number of different factors, including financial health, career prospects, genetics, support, personality types, mental health issues, existing relationships with alcohol and quality of life.

However, by unintentionally following the latter approach, there is great potential for alcohol consumption to uncontrollable turn to alcoholism. As negative habits develop, fuelled by negative outlooks, news and energy, there’s potential that unemployment can fuel chronic diagnoses of alcoholism.
Unemployment can also trigger relapse/ mental health issues
Concerningly, unemployment can also trigger the development of existing substance abuse, mental health issues or even influence relapse. Addictions have increased across the Nation, for a number of different reasons. Many recovering addicts will have their consumption under control. Yet, negative experiences, such as job losses can trigger old associations to alcohol consumption, restarting the abuse cycle.

As the unemployment rate increases, this is very concerning for individuals who already have a negative relationship with alcohol. Likewise, this can be a high-risk situation for individuals living with a mental health issue, with a high probability of leading to a dual diagnosis.
Alcoholism can lead to unemployment
On the other end of the spectrum, long-term alcoholism can lead to unemployment. Many individuals will abuse alcohol innocently. Through our drinking culture, a large proportion of individuals will rely on alcohol to relax or overcome stressful episodes. However, through this reliance, there is a likelihood of developing alcoholism. For a proportion of individuals, alcoholism can develop rapidly. This rapid response can advance the link between alcoholism and unemployment.

Many workplaces struggle to support employees who are living with alcoholism. Although a duty of care is present, if alcohol consumption does enter the workplace, causing negative experiences or results, unemployment is very likely.

Although unemployment is commonly experienced through long-term, excessive alcohol abuse, it can occur to anyone. The concerning factor is that new unemployment can motivate a greater depth of alcoholism, carrying many health concerns.

With this in mind, if you’re either struggling with alcoholism or have recently lost your job, we urge you to consider your next steps. Without control, the damaging and life-changing link between alcoholism and unemployment may be experienced, commonly noted as detrimental through previous studies

How to overcome alcoholism

If you’re living with an alcohol addiction or believe that your alcohol consumption has increased for reasons including unemployment, considering addiction treatment should be your next step. Without professional intervention, the ongoing cycle will continue, with the potential of losing your job, your livelihood and your quality of life.

Through our treatment centre here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we can help you through a number of recovery programmes. We can help you control and diminish your alcoholism, while rebuilding your life. We can also help you overcome unemployment through developing healthy coping mechanisms, reverting from alcohol consumption.

Recovery with ocean rehab

Without considering your next steps, your choices and your actions, the negative link between alcoholism and unemployment may be personally experienced. Through our experience, and previous studies, once this link is experienced, it can be challenging to break. Overcome this prospect by controlling your alcoholism and unemployment potentials by appreciating the direct impact each can have, especially in today’s society and economy.

John Gillen - Author - Last updated: December 14, 2021

John is one UK’s leading professionals in the addiction recovery industry. Pioneering new treatment techniques such as NAD+ and ongoing research into new therapy techniques such as systematic laser therapy, John is committed to providing the very best treatment for people throughout the UK and Europe. During his extremely busy schedule, John likes to regularly update our blog section with the latest news and trends in the industry to keep visitors to our site as well informed as possible on everything related to addiction treatment.