Birkenhead Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Birkenhead

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Birkenhead

Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing problem across the North West and particularly within Birkenhead. Substance abuse can be hard to identify in yourself, as many people tend to underestimate what excessive drinking or using drugs can lead to. This can result in long-term addiction if treatment is not accessed.

Although drinking alcohol in smaller amounts does not cause much damage, the line between casual use and alcohol addiction can be fine. Many people have seen alcohol or drug addiction ruin their lives and the lives of their loved ones around them.

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How Do I Know if I’m Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

There are multiple indicators that you might have an alcohol addiction or problem with drug abuse. Often, people associate substance disorders with extreme binge drinking or drug use. However, addiction can happen to anybody so it is important to know the signs of addiction to look out for.

A mild drug or alcohol addiction is typically both physical and psychological dependence. Some of the signs of addiction are:

  • You think about having a drink or using drugs throughout the day, even in the morning
  • You experience mood swings and other mental health issues when you do not have a drink or use drugs
  • A lack of interest in events that do not include substance use
  • Change in behaviour
  • Feeling out of control if unable to use drugs or alcohol

Seeking treatment is incredibly important, as long-term abuse can lead to physical health complications, ranging from severe mental illnesses to cancer.

Quitting an addiction alone can be extremely difficult, as withdrawal symptoms can lead to serious complications and it can be hard without support and medical expertise. Seek help from professionals to recover from addiction for good.


How We Can Help You at Our Rehab Centre

At Ocean Recovery, we ensure that you have the best possible rehab plan available to help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. As an inpatient residential rehab in the North West, we are located close to Birkenhead and offer leading addiction treatments to help you on your recovery journey. We can also offer guidance about outpatient treatment centres in Birkenhead.

Our admissions process is quick and adjustable to your needs, desires and situation. We will recommend the best rehab option for your needs and can explain the admissions process to you if you decide to join our rehab centre.

If you are seeking drug and alcohol rehab Birkenhead or wish to find out more about your treatment options, phone us today on 0800 880 7596 and a member of our expert team can offer advice and guidance about the best option available for you. Begin your recovery today at a reputable treatment centre near Birkenhead.


What to Expect in Residential Rehab

The first steps of a comprehensive addiction treatment programme that is provided in rehab involve a medically assisted detox followed by addiction therapy treatments. During these treatments, you will stay in a safe and comfortable facility in a private room where you have space and privacy to recover.

Our alcohol and drug rehab ensures that you are safe and secure as you complete your personalised rehab programme. Our facilities are located on the seafront so you can enjoy nice views during daily walks and we provide nutritious meals to help your body recover. Find out more about the addiction treatments we provide below.

Detox for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol detox is the process of cleaning out your body from the substance to start the recovery process. Completing a drug or alcohol detox programme in residential rehab is a key benefit of this form of treatment, as you will be monitored throughout the process and provided with detox medication to manage any withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

Usually, an alcohol and drug rehab detox lasts for roughly 5-10 days, but this varies depending on your addiction history, metabolism, the severity of your addiction, and the type of substance you are addicted to. As withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and often lead to relapse if not treated, you will have access to round-the-clock medical supervision and access to recovery workers to ease the struggle of withdrawal.

Once you have completed your withdrawal, you will begin the next phase of the rehab process. Find out more about the rehabilitation phase below:

Therapies and Addiction Treatments

Treating the psychological element of addiction is key to achieving long-term recovery. Addiction treatments for substance abuse such as talking therapies and holistic treatments help residents who are attempting to achieve sobriety.

Some of the most common therapies used to treat drug and alcohol misuse include:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy): Identifying the reason for your drug or alcohol abuse and knowing what triggers you is a significant rehabilitation milestone. Getting to know your own way of thinking and finding ways to change it to ensure you don’t fall back into the negative and dangerous cycle of drug and alcohol addiction is hugely beneficial to treating your substance abuse.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy sessions offer support and are a key element of residential treatment. By discussing experiences in a group with recovery workers and surrounded by peers who have had similar experiences, residents have a safe space to voice any worries or fears in our treatment centre and are much more likely to maintain long-term recovery.
  • Individual therapy: Talking therapies and psychological treatment are provided in one-to-one counselling sessions during our therapy programmes. Alongside our other therapies, residents in our rehab have access to individual sessions of specialised treatment.
  • Family therapy: These sessions can be arranged if they would be beneficial to the recovery process for certain individuals. This is because some people who have experienced long-term addiction have family trauma or broken relationships as a result. Discussing emotions can help both family members and the addict recover and move on.
  • Daily walks and mindfulness techniques: Holistic methods such as meditation and mindfulness walks can be extremely good for the mind and body. This is why our rehab centre incorporates physical and mental well-being techniques into our addiction treatment plans.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Our dual diagnosis treatment programmes are designed to improve your physical and mental health. Many people who suffer from substance abuse also experience mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, so these treatment programmes aim to treat mental health problems as well as addiction issues. Whether you suffer from existing mental health conditions or have developed it as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, we can help.


What Happens After Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Birkenhead?

Once you have completed addiction treatment in rehab, the recovery process of returning home can be difficult. This is why many inpatient rehabs such as ours at Ocean Recovery offer aftercare to help you continue sobriety after attending our drug and alcohol rehab in Birkenhead.

Our aftercare services are free for 1 year after your rehab programme has been completed and consist of weekly group sessions to discuss your success milestones, any worries you have and advice you require.

We also recommend that you seek outpatient rehab in Birkenhead to help you during the recovery process. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are free outpatient treatment services that take place weekly in Birkenhead. These can be extremely helpful and offer an additional level of support for people in recovery.


Outpatient Services for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Birkenhead

If residential treatment is not the best option for you, either due to commitments at home, your budget, or the length of rehab programme, local outpatient rehab in Birkenhead is available to help.

These include services such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and more. Weekly meetings take place to motivate those attempting recovery and help people stay on track.

You can also speak to your GP to discuss your substance abuse and learn more about the help that is available in the area. No matter which style of rehab you choose, starting the recovery journey is the most important step.


Reach Out for Treatment Today

If you are ready to start addiction treatment, reach out to our team of recovery experts today. Ocean Recovery is a great option for people seeking drug and alcohol rehab Birkenhead services – just phone us to start the process and begin treatment as soon as possible.

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