Wirral Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

We believe that everybody currently suffering from drug and alcohol-related illnesses deserves a chance to start again. Call our admissions team on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wirral

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Wirral

Here at Ocean Recovery, we are one of the closest dedicated drug and alcohol treatment centres to the Wirral.

We have treated patients from all over the Wirral in areas such as Birkenhead, Hoylake, Tranmere, West Kirkby and Wallasey.

Our rehab centre is a short 50-minute drive away in Blackpool and can be accessed via public transport, or we can even pick you up.

If you are looking for alcohol rehab Wirral services or drug addiction treatments, you have a few options available to you both in one of our treatment centres or in the wider Wirral community.


Addiction Services in the Wirral

For most people with a drug or alcohol consumption problem, they will have discussed the issue with friends, family members or their local GP at some point.

To overcome an addiction, you must 1st realise you have a problem, then commit to taking action to facilitate long-term recovery.

Visiting a GP in the Wirral regarding addiction treatments

Various treatment programmes are available in the area to help people overcome addiction issues. This will require you to book an appointment with your GP, who will be able to talk you through all of the available options.

Although there are public treatment routes available, the recovery process can often be difficult to follow on a community treatment programme as you will receive therapy and consultation as an outpatient.


What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment involves you travelling to clinics where you will be assessed, and a qualified psychologist will check on how your progress is going as you battle to quit a drug or alcohol dependence.

Outpatient programmes are typically free, but you face extra challenges completing detox as you are not under the constant observation of a medical professional.

You are, however, free to carry on with your daily life as usual. This can also be a good or bad thing, depending on your circumstances.

Some people are constantly surrounded by drug or alcohol use in their current environment. Treating your addiction may be challenging if you are surrounded by temptation in the Wirral through your social life or just through your daily routine.


What is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment is when you stay in residential rehab, and medical professionals treat you for substance abuse.

People who have been addicted for a long time or have addictions that they have tried to quit and can’t warrant professional care.

People with a history of substance misuse may find it difficult to quit addiction without full-time care for a period of time. One of the best, proven steps in treating addiction is to take you out of your environment and complete a residential treatment programme.

Here your drug and alcohol consumption will be cut to zero as you go through detox and therapy.

Inpatient Facilities

As an inpatient, you will move out of the Wirral for treatment of your drug or alcohol addiction.

You will stay in a private, confidential facility and complete a rehab programme with full-time professional support from addiction and mental health specialists.

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t just affect the person suffering from the disease. It can have a devastating impact on families, friends and even the community in general. Whether it’s binge drinking, illegal or prescription drugs, many of the consequences are the same.

If you’re suffering from addiction and want to change, then looking for drug and alcohol rehab in the Wirral may be your best chance of recovery. The Ocean Recovery Centre is just over an hour away, set on the coast in Blackpool so that you can enjoy a relaxing, peaceful rehab experience.

The Ocean Recovery Centre works with people with all sorts of addictions, offering a comprehensive programme of drug and alcohol rehab that includes both traditional and holistic therapies. Complete our programme and aftercare, and you have an excellent chance of staying sober in the long term.


Early Interventions

Addiction is a disease, and as with any disease, the earlier it’s caught, the better. Many people who search for drug and alcohol rehab in the Wirral know that they have some sort of problem but may be in denial about needing help. They may think that rehab is only for the most serious of addicts, or that they can get their condition under control themselves.

The sad truth is that, without professional help, most people won’t be able to overcome their addiction on their own. There are usually complex causes of addiction, and without tackling these underlying issues, you’re likely to get stuck in a cycle of quitting and relapsing.

Many addicts are suffering from some sort of mental health issue that can also be identified. We call this “Dual Diagnosis”. This is where a patient is suffering from an addiction but also severe depression, for example. Treating any mental health problems is very important when undertaking treatment for alcohol or drug misuse.

Luckily, there is help out there when you need it. If you’re looking for rehab in the Wirral or Merseyside areas, then the Ocean Recovery Centre can often arrange admission in just 48 hours, so there’s no need to delay your treatment any longer.

By going private, you can skip the NHS queues, and there’s no need even to get a referral from your GP. All you have to do to start your journey is to give us a call.



Most rehab programmes start with detoxification. Here you will stop using drugs or alcohol. You may have a physical dependence on drugs, and this is where the benefits of residential rehab pay off.

You will be under supervision as you work through withdrawal symptoms, with a professional team of addiction specialists at hand to administer medications and monitor your psychological health in this challenging period.

Detox is a difficult process, and on occasion, people can be at risk of serious harm if they suffer from the most severe withdrawal symptoms.

Only at a detox clinic will you have this full-time support whilst you go through one of the most challenging aspects of rehab.


High-Quality Care

At the Ocean Recovery Centre, you can be sure of the highest standards of care from the moment you first get in touch with us. We are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission, same as any clinic or hospital, which ensures that those who stay with us are safe and looked after.

The team at Ocean Recovery Centre is made up of addiction counsellors, nurses and support workers, all of whom are qualified and experienced to work with people with addictions. Some of our staff have suffered addictions themselves, which means that they know exactly what their clients are going through.

We have extensive knowledge and a variety of treatment options to facilitate successful addiction recovery.

We pride ourselves on our services and have made many friends as our rehab has a fantastic supportive culture and atmosphere.

Family Communication

If you are sending a family member to rehab, you can communicate with them daily on the phone through phone calls or even using Zoom or alternative video calls. If you are staying in rehab yourself, you can make and receive calls to friends and family, update them on your progress, and receive encouragement.


A Comfortable Stay

If you have a drug or alcohol problem, then the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable or anxious while you’re trying to recover. That’s why we’ve made the Ocean Recovery Centre as homely and pleasant as possible. Because you stay with us for up to 28 days, we want you to feel at home, so you’ll have a comfortable private room and access to communal lounges where you can watch TV or socialise with other patients.

Staying in residential rehabilitation means that you’re in a supportive environment. There is help available 24/7 when you’re struggling, and although rehab isn’t easy, we do everything we can to help you through the process.

When you arrive at the Ocean Recovery Centre, you’ll go through a detox programme, which, for many people, is the toughest part of rehab. Luckily, this usually only lasts a few days, although it can be difficult as you’re likely to have withdrawal symptoms. We’ll help you through it with prescription medication and lots of help and support.

Staying with us also allows you to try many types of treatment to find an effective combination. There are many types of drug and alcohol treatment available, which means you can find what works for you.

There are traditional therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), group therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, mindfulness and much more, all included in your package when you stay with us.


Life After Rehab

Most people attending drug and alcohol rehab can’t think beyond the next few days or weeks, so they may think that the thought of staying sober for life is out of the question. However, the Ocean Recovery Centre focuses on both your short- and long-term recovery, which includes relapse prevention and aftercare programmes.

Those who complete 28 days of rehab with us will get 12 months of free aftercare, an excellent way to stay on track when you leave our centre. The first year after rehab is when you’re most likely to relapse, so we ensure you’ve got an excellent support network in place during this time.

Once you’ve completed drug and alcohol rehab in the Wirral, you may want to move onto something like a 12-step programme such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.

We can also offer support in other aspects of your life, whether it’s rebuilding family relationships through therapy, or finding a new career. Turning your life around and living positively makes it much more likely you’ll stay away from alcohol or drugs.

When you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in the Wirral, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222 to start your recovery.