Grays Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Grays

Are you looking for an effective drug and alcohol rehab in Grays that can help you to overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs? When you search for a ‘rehab near me’, you probably don’t know where to begin with all of the options available to you.

The range of drug and alcohol services is vast from low-cost addiction treatment, which are commonly generic and ineffective, to private residential addiction treatment which are proven to be the most effective way to treat drug and alcohol abuse; this is the addiction treatment which we deliver at our rehab in Grays.

We can assure you that by joining our drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll be giving yourself the best opportunity to achieve your long-term recovery from addiction.

If you were to use outpatient or free local health services, you’ll likely be added to a long waiting list, experience an ineffective treatment service, and ultimately feel very disheartened, possible even reluctant to make another attempt at rehabilitation.

Why don’t you save yourself the time and efforts by coming straight to our rehab in Grays. Our rate of successful recoveries is very high, and our fantastic team of addiction specialists are on hand to support each step of your journey; it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make. Get in touch with us today on 01253 847 553, text HELP to 83222, or email us at


How does Drug and Alcohol abuse impact your life?

There really aren’t any positive effects of drug or alcohol addiction, only negative. Most noticeably, addiction will impact your physical and psychological health, deteriorating your body and brains functionality.

You’re likely to appear gaunt or dishevelled, have skin sores or bloodshot eyes in addition to being at a much higher risk of developing heart disease, liver disease, digestion problems, stroke, and diabetes.

Long-lasting drug and alcohol abuse causes the makeup in your brain to change potentially resulting in long-term psychological harm. You may notice that you’ve become disinterested in things that you previously enjoyed or have a lack to socialise with anyone at all.

Living with a drug or alcohol addiction can also cause you to have serious mood swings and leave you more susceptible to anxiety, depression, bipolarity, and even suicide.

It’s common for people who are suffering from addiction to become all consumed by their drug and alcohol abuse. They often forget about others around them or about anything else that’s going on in their lives.

It’s important to remember that your addiction isn’t only affecting you but affecting those around you including your loved ones. Your addiction will have changed your friends and families lives as they spend most of their time worried about your condition and constantly thinking about what they can do to help you.

We’ve seen many relationships break down a result of drug and alcohol abuse; don’t let this happen to your family. Perhaps knowing that you’re not only hurting yourself but hurting your loved ones too, will encourage you to seek support from our drug and alcohol rehab.


How does our Addiction Treatment work?

Our team of recovery workers are extremely focused and dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our team consists of mental health support workers, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, and doctors, who are all specialists in addiction treatment.

They will help you to learn how to break your physical and psychological connection to drug and alcohol abuse, leaving you free to look forward to a sober, happy lifestyle.

The first stage of your addiction treatment at our rehab in Grays will likely be a visit to our detox clinic to remove the toxins from your system.

It’s natural to be nervous about undergoing a drug or alcohol detox but we can assure you that by completing this at our detox clinic, you’ll be in the safest hands possible allowing for the most effective detoxification.

You’ll likely experience some unpleasant drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but this is what are team are there for; to support you physically and emotionally every step of the way.

Although each person’s treatment programme is completely personalised to suit their unique condition, we typically deliver the following therapies as they’ve proven to be so effective in drug and alcohol treatment.

These include drug and alcohol relapse prevention, stress management, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), individual, group or family counselling, and motivational interviewing.

In addition to these psychological focused therapies, we also ensure our clients benefit from therapies which focus on aiding their well-being during rehabilitation.

These include mindfulness, yoga, relaxation and sleep management, low level laser therapy, fitness therapy, art therapy, nutritional supplement therapy, and meditation.


Do we provide a Drug or Alcohol Aftercare plan?

The first 12 months after completing your addiction treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab Grays is the most difficult and also the time when you’re most likely to suffer from a relapse.

It can be a challenge to adapt to your new behaviours and transition back into life at home with your recently learnt knowledge on rehabilitation and relapse prevention.

If you’re happy for us to do so, we can also spend some time with your friends or family to teach them how to recognise your triggers in the aim to avoid a potential relapse.

Our drug or alcohol aftercare plan is available to all of our clients free of charge for the first 12 months after completing their residential addiction treatment.

If you complete both your residential and aftercare addiction treatment, you’ll certainly have the best chance of succeeding in your recovery.

Are you ready to start your recovery? Simply contact our admissions team, they will guide you along the initial steps and through our pre-screening assessment before welcoming you into our drug and alcohol rehab.

Call our team today on 01253 847 553, text HELP to 83222, or email us at