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Addictions alter the way you think so, as an addict, you may not be aware of the damage you are causing to your or your loved ones.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hayes

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre Hayes

Being in denial keeps you in a cycle of addiction, and this is what keeps your substance abuse going on and on and stops you from being able to recover.

The fact that you are here reading this shows that you have already taken that first step away from denial and that you are ready to make some positive changes in your life.

If you are looking to change your life for the better, get in touch with us today to find the right drug and alcohol rehab centre in Hayes for you!


Getting Treatment That Is Specific to Your Needs

When you choose to go to a rehab centre for recovery, you want to ensure that all of your needs are met and that the program is best suited to your specific type and severity of addiction.

A rehab centre will help to make sure you receive the right kind of treatment. Everyone responds to detoxing differently, so when you attend rehab, the plan you receive will be worked around your responses to detox. You will also have access to medically trained professionals who can administer prescription drugs to assist you with the detox stage if needed.

During rehab, you will undergo a number of different treatments and therapies and your particular program is designed depending on your mental and physical health as well as your type and severity of addiction. You’ll have plenty of input into your recovery program too to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your entire treatment plan.

You will work closely with professionals who can offer advice and who can draw up the best treatment plan that will give you the best chances of successfully making a full recovery from your drug or alcohol addiction.


The Aftercare Part of Your Treatment Plan

An essential part of rehab treatment is the aftercare program that you receive. Although you may feel like you’ve made a full recovery in rehab, you may struggle to get back to your everyday life after leaving the treatment centre.

This is especially true if your social group on the outside contains people who also use drugs or alcohol regularly. Rehab will offer an aftercare program to ensure that you stay on top of your goals.

Living a sober lifestyle can be difficult. There will always be temptations and triggers that can make you want to start using again. This is why many people who attend a rehab centre decide to make big changes in their life after leaving.

Things such as moving to a less stressful job, or surrounding yourself with a different social group are just a few examples of things that can help you stay on the right path after rehab.

There are many services available that can also help with aftercare. Things such as attending meetings or attending cognitive behavioural therapy sessions can help to keep you on the right track.


Should I Go to Rehab?

People who contact us looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Hayes are usually worried about removing the harmful substances from their bodies because of the withdrawal effects that can occur during this process.

If you take drugs or alcohol on a daily basis, it can be very dangerous to try to suddenly quit by yourself. You will usually need medical support from a professional who understands the chemical changes that occur when you go through detox.

A rehab treatment will help you cope with the withdrawals that occur due to detoxing. You will receive help so that you can detox safely and cope with all the effects of your withdrawals. You can also receive medical help for more extreme cases of withdrawal.

Below are some of the withdrawal symptoms that you can expect when detoxing from drugs or alcohol:

  • > Insomnia
  • > Nausea
  • > Tremors
  • > Fluctuating body temperature
  • > Sweating
  • > Fatigue
  • > Digestive discomfort
  • > Shaking
  • > Clammy hands

With this in mind, it’s very important that you attend a rehab centre that can support you during this difficult time.


What Types of Therapy Will I Have in Rehab?

When you attend rehab, the therapies that you receive will depend on your particular type of addiction and how severe it is. Upon first arriving at rehab, you will undergo an initial assessment with a professional who will determine what therapies will offer you the best chances of success and they will develop a rehab program that is designed to suit your specific needs.

The treatment you will receive at rehab will focus on improving both your physical and mental health. You will undergo a variety of therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga, meditation, speech therapy, cardio exercises, and more. These all aim to help you recover and move forward with your life.

You may also benefit from family therapies which involve sitting with your loved ones and talking with them about how your feeling and your progress of recovery. This allows you to attain the support you need as you go through with your recovery.

Group therapy is also a big part of rehab. This allows you to talk about your feelings and progress with other addicts who are also going through the same things you are. Sharing your experience with like-minded people helps to give you the motivation and determination you need in order to succeed with your recovery.


Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hayes

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