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The Winner’s Guide to Nutrition in Recovery

If you have gone through the experience of being addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you will also understand the damage your addiction inflicted on your eating habits and general nutrition. Drug or alcohol addiction is often accompanied by many years of poor eating. Thus, when a person is treated at a drug or alcohol […]

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Internet Porn Addiction PART 1

In this post, we discuss the hot topic of Internet porn addiction. Millions of men across the globe are thought to be suffering from Internet porn addiction. A recent study says around 33% of males aged between 16-34 years old are addicted to Internet porn and this figure is growing every day as high-speed Internet proliferates. […]

A-Z Guide to Veterans and Addiction

In this post, we discuss the topic of addiction amongst veterans. You may be surprised to learn that veterans are able to survive war zones but struggle to survive a peaceful environment when they return home. However, when veterans return from combat, they face multiple challenges as they adjust to ‘normal life’ outside of the […]

Ultimate Guide to Ending Your Food Addiction

Ultimate Guide to Ending Your Food AddictionIn this post, we address the issue of food addiction.Many of us overeat from time to time, but some will go on to develop an addiction to food.The very idea of a food addiction was laughable all but a few short years ago.And many people still erroneously believe that […]

Unofficial Steps to Conquering Early Recovery

 Guide to Early Recovery 10-Steps to a Sober Future!  Here’s the deal:At Ocean Recovery Centre  we treat thousands of patients each year for drug and alcohol addiction. Many of these patients are new to life ‘in recovery.’Patients often enter their new abstinent existence following many years of drug and/or alcohol addiction.Patients frequently cite […]

Announcing the Alcohol Quiz

Announcing the Anxiety Quiz

Announcing the Depression Quiz

Top 10 Tips to Help Parents of Drug Addict

It’s every parent’s nightmare to discover their child is addicted to drugs. No matter what steps you took to avoid this situation we feel it true to say no parent is totally immune to this risk. If you find yourself in this situation then know you are not alone. You also need to know that […]

Rough Guide to 12 Step Programmes

 If you’re even semi-new to recovery then you’ve likely to have come across the concept of the ’12 steps to recovery’. This programme was developed over 75 years ago by Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and popularised in the ‘Big Book’. The Steps are defined as ‘guiding principles’ rather than rules. The 12 step programme does make […]

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