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Alcohol Rehab Sheffield

Are you currently living in Sheffield, and you are suffering from a problem with alcohol addiction? At Ocean Recovery centre, we can help you turn your life around, as we offer a comprehensive and thorough Alcohol Rehab Sheffield service for everyone living in and around the city.

The Sheffield City Council’s data has shown that about 130 people in the city die each year from alcohol misuse. This is a worrying sign, and it shows that alcohol abuse can be deadly. It is never too late however, as many people have turned the tides around and are now free from the firm grip alcohol had on them. Call Ocean Recovery Centre today, and  join our Alcohol Rehab Sheffield Centre.

Alcohol Rehab Sheffield : What we can offer you.

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer a range of therapies – specifically tailored to your wants and needs. These therapies include group therapy, one-to-ones and a range of alternative ‘holistic’ therapies. Holistic therapies include acupuncture, reflexology, art therapy, massage, mindfulness and more.
Our Rehabilitation Centre is situated in Lancashire, Blackpool specifically. It is less than 100 miles away from your Sheffield home, and we are able to specifically sort transport for you and get driven to our centre in Blackpool.

Alcohol Rehab Sheffield: Detox

Before you start therapy sessions – there is a step to complete first at our Alcohol Rehab Sheffield centre. Our rehab programme lasts for 28 days. The first step Is detox. We offer a range of ‘rapid’ detoxes you may complete in as little as five days. When you are admitted into our rehab centre you must initially complete detox. This ensures toxic levels of drugs and alcohol are removed from your system before your rehabilitation programme begins.

Detox can be quite difficult however. While detoxing, your body will struggle with the lack of alcohol in it. You might feel ill or physically drained due to the “Withdrawal symptoms”. These symptoms will be worse or not as bad, depending on the severity of your addiction. For severe alcoholics, withdrawal symptoms can lead to tremors, anxiety and other lasting mental health issues. In some cases, this could even lead to death.

That is why we employ medical professionals at our Alcohol Rehab Sheffield Centre to supervise you – to medicate you in case it becomes a medical issue. Detox is not something to be done at home.

Post Rehab:

Following the completion of your rehabilitation programme, we offer a generous 12-month long aftercare programme. We hold weekly aftercare sessions at our rehabilitation centre in Lancashire. We also ensure you attend local meetings in Sheffield. Many of our past clients are located in Sheffield and when you sign up to Ocean Recovery Centre, you gain access to this community of recovered addicts who will be happy to help you through the critical initial 12 months of your sobriety.