Crack-cocaine is a chemically altered and more potent form of cocaine. This drug first hit the United Kingdom in the 1970s, and crack cocaine use is on the rise. Baking soda or ammonia is added to cocaine powder and cooked in an oven. A rock-like substance is formed, hence the name ‘crack cocaine’.

Crack cocaine is highly addicted due to the affect it has on the brain. Crack damages users’ brain as well as the cardiovascular system.

Crack addiction brings on a host of mental disorders such as paranoia, anxiety and depression. The drug distorts several of the brains chemicals including dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.


Below we outline how you can get off crack:


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Residential Rehabilitation for Crack Addiction

In order to quit crack, we recommend a drug rehabilitation programme, kicking off with a crack detox. The rehab environment robs addicts of negative reinforcements which encourage crack consumption. Excellent nutrition is offered throughout the day and painful withdrawal symptoms are managed by a team of medical experts.

Most residential rehabs worth their salt offer at least 12 months of free aftercare following the completion of your rehabilitation programme.


The importance of family support

Getting the support of your family is a key advantage when it comes to beating crack addiction. The family can support you in ways professional therapist and counsellors simple are not able to.

Family are often the first line of defence should relapse occur following a period of recovery. Getting the support of your family is usually an easy but powerful win on your road to long term crack cocaine recovery.


Understand the psychological aspect of crack addiction

Since crack-cocaine affects chemicals in your brain, the addiction is said to be physical in nature. However when you detox from crack, you do not require the level of assistance necessary for say alcohol or heroin detox. This is because for the most part crack addiction is psychological in nature.

Although giving up crack is certainly not easy, you are not exposed to anywhere near the same levels of danger as those who attempt alcohol or heroin detox. For instance crack detox does not typically carry a risk of death.


Consider attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting

Whilst nothing beats residential rehabilitation, you could consider attending a local Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting in your area as an alternative. You are assigned a ‘sponsor’ when you join the group. Your sponsor is an experienced member of the group. You are expected to take a ’12 step programme’.

Although many 12 step groups have religious undertones, you should be able to locate a secular group in your area if you are an atheists/agnostic. NA meetings arm you with strategies designed to help keep you off crack. You are exposed to positive influences who’ve been in a similar situation as yourself in the past.



At Ocean Recovery we offer a comprehensive drug detoxification and rehabilitation programme. Click here to contact our admissions to team if you wish to learn more about this programme.

“Often it’s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self” – Karen Salmansohn

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