A ground-breaking new report reveals a month break from booze affords huge health benefits including weight loss, lower blood pressure and a rejuvenated liver.

The study, conducted by the Royal Free hospital and oversaw by liver specialist Gautam Mehta, examined the health of men and women in their 40s who participated in Alcohol Concern’s “Dry January”.

During the prior Christmas season many of these people had drank well over the recommended guidelines. Christmas drinking meant many of these people had put on weight, raised their blood pressure and weakened their liver.

Abstaining from alcohol during January meant participants’ “liver stiffness” was decreased by around 12.5%. The majority of participants lost weight and also experienced a beneficial drop in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Researchers at the Royal Free hospital also claim participants were at a reduced risk of getting diabetes as a result of not drinking any alcohol during January. Participants’ “insulin resistance” fell by an incredible 28%.

The study’s participants also experienced improve mental health, particularly due to their improved sleeping patterns.

Tom Smith of Alcohol Concern told Ocean Recovery: “This evidence confirms what a growing number of other studies have shown, that having even just one month off from alcohol has incredible health benefits.”

Gautam Mehta, head researcher, says people should not overlook the value of giving alcohol consumption ‘a break’.

Researchers claim more studies are needed to determine the long-term benefits of undergoing a period of abstention from alcohol.

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John Gillen - Author - Last updated: March 12, 2021

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