Lincolnshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Searching for a reputable drug and alcohol rehab centre? Consider a relocation from the Lincolnshire area and visit our luxury Blackpool based centre.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics Lincolnshire

Living with any form of alcohol or drug addiction can have a significant effect on an individual’s and surrounding loved one’s lives. The physical and mental health issues caused alone are a big enough reason to seek professional support.

The Effects of a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Side effects of drug and alcohol consumption can lead to health problems such as anxiety, heart attacks, nutritional disorders and psychosis. Whether you are addicted to prescribed drugs, alcohol or hazardous class A substances, side effects will develop once consumption becomes regular. Depending on an individual’s addiction severity, the length of their addiction and the drug they consume, side effects will vary. However, the longer someone with a drug or alcohol addiction leaves it, the greater the damage to their mental and physical health will be, along with future quality of life.

Are you suffering from an addiction and searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Lincolnshire? Whether your consumption of drugs or increased use of alcohol has just started, or you’ve been living with a long-term drug or alcohol addiction, residential rehab treatment should be arranged.

You may believe that staying close to your family in Lincolnshire will serve you greater through this period of rehabilitation. Well in actual fact, relocating to a secluded, private rehab centre is recommended for long-term recovery. A lot of individuals suffering with an addiction experience influences and triggers, causing consumption. By removing yourself from those possibilities, you are setting yourself up for success when considering your addiction treatment.

To discuss how our drug and alcohol rehab programmes here at Ocean Recovery Centre can help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, contact our team today on 01253 847 553.

Addiction Treatment Available at Our Centre

If you believe that relocating to our Blackpool rehab centre will benefit you or a loved one, a range of industry leading addiction treatments will be offered. Taking your addiction type and personal requirements into consideration, a personalised treatment programme will be provided.

Within your programme you will expect to see a variety of treatments which help to overcome both psychological and mental drug or alcohol cravings. To begin the process, a detox programme will be completed. This will help to reduce your consumption and your bodies reliance on drugs 0r alcohol. We must disclose that this process is difficult, especially if you’ve been living with a long-term drug or alcohol addiction where daily consumption has occurred. We will slowly reduce your intake, observed by our medical experts to diminish your bodies need for any substances. This is where withdrawal symptoms will be present. You can expect to experience nausea, dizziness and anxious episodes throughout.

Please be aware that this is the hardest step to take, however, will help you take one big step towards a life free from drugs or alcohol. We will support you through this difficult time of rehabilitation, ensuring you are comfortable and safe.

Once a detox treatment has been successfully completed, we will work on the psychological link you have to alcohol or drugs. We will get to know your story and understand why your drug or alcohol addiction has developed. From this, appropriate treatment options such as group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and relapse prevention classes will be recommended.

Our treatments will help understand the link you have with alcohol or drugs, help you overcome this link, promote positive thoughts whilst preparing you for a future without drugs or alcohol. Additional skills to cope when you return to Lincolnshire post rehab will be taught to ensure you have a plan in place if any cravings occur.

Post rehab, you will feel a physical and psychological disconnect from your drug or alcohol addiction, helping you lead a positive, healthy future. If you do require any support once you return to your influences in Lincolnshire, our team offer aftercare support. We are passionate about helping you overcome your alcohol or drug addiction and fulfil long-term recovery.

How to Start Your Drug and Alcohol Rehab Journey

To take the first step to an alcohol or drug-free future, an initial enquiry by yourself or family member will need to be completed. This can be done through phone, email or live chat. Here is where you can ask all of the questions you need regarding our rehab centre and the process moving forward. Support can be received 24 hours a day, therefore if you require further detail, feel free to contact our team until you have a decision in mind. We understand that acknowledging and talking about a drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult. Please bare in mine that our team are compassionate, here to help you recover.

If you decide that our residential rehab centre is for you, a pre-admission screening will be completed. Here is where our team will get to know your drug or alcohol addiction and observe whether our treatment is suitable for you. This can also be completed over to phone for your convenience. We will then devise a suitable treatment plan to help you overcome your addiction while also arranging an admission date, if you are happy to move forward.

On your admission day, we will support you throughout your relocation to our rehab centre. You will then be welcomed into our centre by our expert team, while also receiving a full induction plan. You’ll get to know our services, our staff, while also completing an initial health assessment with our medical experts. Once you feel settled, your full rehab experience will begin following your personal treatment schedule.

We will work with you on your long-term recovery plan while ensuring you are prepared with coping mechanisms for your return home to Lincolnshire. Once you feel ready to check out, we will work with you to transition back into your normal routine.

Please be aware that every client who walks through our doors process is different. Treatments will vary, rehab timeframes will be different and so will recovery rates. We will work to your pace to ensure that when you leave, you are leaving drug or alcohol-free.

This time is about your future therefore, we are here to focus on you and reaching your goals. To make your initial enquiry about drug and alcohol Lincolnshire, contact our team today on 01253 847 553.

Let’s beat your drug or alcohol addiction together.