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Our private residential rehab offers a safe and tranquil space for individuals from all walks of life to overcome their addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newbury

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Newbury

If you have come to realise that you have become addicted to drugs and alcohol, you may have begun to comprehend the impact that your addiction has had on your life.

From causing you to experience painful and unpleasant side effects to impairing your relationships with others, addictions have the potential to damage the lives of millions of people.

If you are ready to face your demons and rebuild a life free from drugs and alcohol, residential rehab is in your best interest.


Side Effects of Addictions

Across the United Kingdom, the side effects of addictions are becoming increasingly alarming. In 2019 alone, addictions saw over 300,000 people admitted to hospital for physical injuries and psychological illnesses.

Addictions can have both short and long-term side effects. While the short-term side effects experienced when consuming drugs and alcohol often wear off within 48 hours, they should not be ignored.

When ignored, short term side effects can have detrimental repercussions, leaving individuals to suffer from long-term side effects including organ failure, impaired cognitive function and changes in memory.


Realising It Is Time to Seek Help

Have you recently concluded that enough is enough? Are you ready to take back control of your life? Do you want to put your addiction behind you once and for all?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready to take action and attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Newbury.

Realising it is time to seek help will leave you experiencing a variety of emotions. You will feel motivated to change your life and optimistic about what the future holds.

Likewise, you may feel somewhat nervous and anxious. You may even feel upset and angry that you have allowed your addiction to control you for so long.

As and when you realise it is time for you to seek help, we would encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Although you feel motivated and inspired to reach out as you are reading this, the longer you wait, the greater the chances that your addiction will once again consume you and control your thoughts.

Not only will this prevent you from seeking help, but it will cause your addiction to become worse.


How Our Residential Rehab Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

At Ocean Recovery, our residential rehab treatment programmes can help you physically and psychologically overcome your addiction.

Although individuals that are battling an addiction understand that they need to physically overcome their addiction by withdrawing from the substance they have become addicted to, many fail to realise that addiction is a psychological illness too.

In order to psychologically recover from an addiction, therapy is required. Therapy is implemented at various stages throughout our recovery programmes and typically consists of individual and group therapy.

In addition to offering life-changing treatment, our residential rehab can help you overcome your addiction by providing you with a safe space to reflect on the impact your addiction has had on your life.


What Does A Typical Recovery Programme Look Like?

Considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Newbury will leave you with several questions, many of which will surround the treatment you will obtain.

At Ocean Recovery, we offer complete transparency with regards to our treatment programmes.

As you enter our rehabilitation centre, the first stage of your recovery is detoxification. Detoxification typically takes place over a seven-day period and ensures that you withdraw from the substance that you are addicted to.

As you detox, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. While unpleasant, experiencing withdrawal symptoms is entirely normal. These symptoms often include nausea and headaches.

Throughout detoxification you will be provided with around the clock care to ensure that you are comfortable. In addition, therapy will be provided to ensure that you have an outlet to voice your concerns, opinions and discuss how you feel.

Once you have successfully detoxed, you will begin rehabilitation. This stage of treatment will see you participate in several different forms of therapies. The therapy you are offered will entirely depend on your personal circumstances.

However, as touched on above, individual and group therapy will form the basis of the treatment received. Unlike detoxification, it is difficult to determine how long rehabilitation will take. This is because your progress will be continuously monitored and adjusted if deemed necessary.

Once you have completed your rehabilitation programme, you will be ready to leave rehab and embark on a substance-free life at home. However, recovery does not stop the minute you leave our facility.

The first 12 months of your recovery will undoubtedly be the hardest. As you return to life at home, you will come face to face with the factors that initially contributed to your addiction.

You may also experience the temptation to once again consume drugs or alcohol. To ensure that you make a long-term recovery, we provide 12 months of free aftercare support.

Our aftercare support will provide you with various coping strategies and the ability to attend additional group therapy sessions a few times a month.

Although the above highlights a typical recovery programme, it should be noted that your recovery programme will be bespoke to your needs.


Are You Ready to Start Your Journey to A Drug and Alcohol-Free Life?

As you become determined to overcome your addiction, you may be left feeling somewhat engulfed at the amount of information that is available.

Paired with the overwhelming emotions of realising that you need help, this influx of information can cause you to feel anxious.

If this resonates with you, we would encourage you to phone us today.

We can discuss your addiction, our treatment and the services we can offer you, should you decide to attend our residential rehab.