Crawley Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Moving across the country for drug and alcohol rehabilitation can feel daunting. It can feel like a significant step. Yet, the step that you now take will have a direct impact on your drug and alcohol withdrawal capabilities.

And by that, we do not mean for the short-term, we mean your long-term recovery capabilities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Crawley

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Crawley

At Ocean Recovery, we appreciate how appealing visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Crawley, at this time, will be. This recovery option boasts convenience and comfort. It allows you to remain local, at somewhere familiar to you while completing drug and alcohol rehab.

However, familiarity, for a proportion of clients, will not motivate recovery. It will in fact do the opposite, making the selection of a Crawley based rehab clinic a discouraging option. Down to the fact that rehab, and its delivery will impact every individual differently, it’s therefore important that you find the most fitting rehab programme, to work to your needs.

The best way you can do this is by asking questions and truly finding a rehab programme which not only safeguards your physical and psychological health, but also elevates your long-term recovery capabilities.

Overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction is possible. Yet, to do so, you must take a significant step in the right direction; possible here in Ocean Recovery, via residential rehab.


Should I pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Crawley?

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Crawley, as shared above, can work for some clients. Remaining local for drug and alcohol rehab does offer some benefits. It can in fact stand as a motivator for some, allowing them to continue their life alongside completing rehab.

However, your response to visiting a Crawley based rehabilitation centre will be dependent on your drug and alcohol addiction. Those who suffer on both physical and psychological levels will likely struggle through localised recovery. This is also the case for those who experience social, emotional or environmental associations with drugs and alcohol.

Unfortunately, many addictions are driven by emotions, by experiences, by relationships and by environmental pressures. Exposure to those pressures can make rehab very difficult, even via the most controlled rehab clinic.

As a result of this, that familiarity can trigger influential associations, making it very difficult to bypass the drug and alcohol withdrawal phase. By taking this into consideration, if you are struggling with an addiction, it is recommended that you keep an open mind and consider all of your recovery options, across the country.

As we’ve said, localised recovery does work for some. It is up to you if you hope to take that risk to benefit from convenience. Yet, we advise that residential rehab will be best suited through addiction recovery.


How daunting will residential rehab be?

The main reason why most individuals will gravitate towards localised recovery is comfort. They believe that residential rehab will be a daunting experience. Easy to understand at first glance, residential rehab is in fact equipped for this purpose.

We completely understand how daunting addiction recovery is, never mind when it’s away from home comforts. To tackle this, we provide a homely and comforting setting, we promote family involvement, we create personal rehab programmes, and we offer an environment which will benefit your recovery process.

Completing residential rehab is a big step. Yet, it is a necessary step if physical and psychological addiction recovery is your intention, ultimately lending itself to long-term recovery.


How successful are drug and alcohol treatment services?

Drug and alcohol treatment services are highly successful when recommended correctly. This is exactly why, as specialists, we promote personal rehab programmes. We understand that personal responses and susceptibility to addiction treatment options will differ. In that, we ensure that positive responses can be experienced through safe and effective recommendations.

We achieve this success by completing a pre-rehab screening process, on your admission into drug and alcohol rehab. This screening will gauge anything from your mental health, to your associations with drugs and alcohol. Once we have this insight into your drug and alcohol addiction, we can then identify fitting addiction treatment services.

In the majority of situations, a mix of physical and psychological treatment services will be combined. This can include a drug and alcohol detox, art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, and many more. Yet, to secure personalisation, the degree of each addiction treatment will vary.


Will I have a post-rehab plan?

By visiting our rehab clinic, you will work towards your post-rehab life throughout your residential rehab programme. Relapse prevention planning will soon begin, helping you maintain sober living on your return to Crawley. This will go hand in hand with addiction treatment services, changing your responses to future exposure.

Your relapse prevention plan will have everything you need to sustain sober living. In other words, you’ll have a strategy in place, to follow, in the event of drug and alcohol cravings, no matter how big or small. In tandem with this, you’ll be guided with lifestyle recommendations, serving as a plan for your arrival home to Crawley.

This will include recommendations around your sleep, your relationships, your exercise levels, your mental health care, and your actions, all post-rehab. The aim is to ultimately remove drug and alcohol associations, whether that’s a certain environment, to a social setting.

To ensure that both of these plans continue to work, you’ll also have access to aftercare via a drug and alcohol rehab in Crawley. Here you’ll have access to professional support, on an ongoing basis, helping to ease your post-rehab transition.


Will my information remain private?

Yes, please be reassured that your personal information will remain private. At Ocean Recovery, we are a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic. We also prioritise personal discretion, ensuring that your involvement with rehab will remain confidential.

We appreciate how drug and alcohol rehab can be a challenging time. We will do whatever we can to ease this for you, while facilitating a large step from your Crawley based influences.

Truly benefit from addiction recovery by investing yourself into residential rehab, set away from your current challenges.