Haywards Heath Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

In order to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs, you must eliminate the physical and psychological dependence.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Haywards Heath

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Haywards Heath

It’s impossible to fully recover from drug or alcohol addiction just with medication, the psychological element is probably more important than the physical dependence as this is where real behavioural changes happen.

Attempting to stop misusing alcohol or drugs without any professional support is extremely difficult and ultimately very dangerous. Removing that physical dependence normally comes in the form of a detox clinic as you gradually reduce your substance intake, however with detoxification comes withdrawal symptoms which can be very difficult to cope with if not managed correctly.

At our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Haywards Heath, we supervise detoxifications around the clock to ensure your safety and offer essential support.

Addiction treatment isn’t easy, we can’t sugar coat it. However, it is a life-changing, positive experience which we can guarantee you won’t regret. For alcohol or drug abuse treatment rehabilitation to be effective, significant behavioural changes are required during your treatment programme.

If you’re not willing to change and commit to a new lifestyle for the long run, then your treatment programme will be ineffective. We reward your commitment by offering you our undivided support and excellent addiction treatments in our high-specification rehab centre.


What is our Rehab in Haywards Heath like?

We believe, for a drug or alcohol addiction treatment to be successful, it must be personalised to suit the individual’s unique needs. There isn’t a ‘one fits all’ approach when it comes to rehabilitation, your treatment programme must be tailored to manage the severity of your addiction and to benefit you most.

Our rehab in Haywards Heath promotes a positive, relaxed environment, which has proven to assist with optimal recovery. Visiting a rehab centre like ours involves a private stay, in your own private room, in our high-quality treatment centre where you’ll receive a carefully selected combination of traditional and holistic therapies to help you achieve long-term recovery.

Studies have proven residential rehab centres to be much more effective than outpatient services or attempting to rehabilitate at home. One of the main reasons for this is that you’re able to remove yourself from any negative temptations or distractions of daily life which could affect your recovery.

When undergoing treatment with us, you receive the constant support and care you need through this difficult process. With minimal disruptions, you’re able to solely focus on the task at hand, achieving a long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs.

We’ll likely recommend that you begin your treatment with us by visiting our detox clinic. We support you through this by prescribing clinical treatments to make you more comfortable when experiencing withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drugs.

Detoxification isn’t always necessary, it depends on the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction but when a detox has been completed, your following treatments are likely to be much more effective now you’ve cleansed your body of the harmful toxins.

Throughout our therapeutic drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we assess the psychological, emotional, and social effects that addiction to alcohol or drugs causes. It’s best to undergo a variety of specialist therapies to have the greatest chance of long-term recovery. 


What Treatment options do we offer at our Rehab centre?

Our treatment programmes are designed to suit the individuals’ specific needs, this has shown to result in a greater chance of recovery. Therefore, we utilise a combination or group and individual therapy sessions, ensuring we offer advice, guidance and education for your mind, body, and soul.

Not only do we focus on our rehabilitating your current state from alcohol or drugs, but we’ll help you to understand any triggers behind what may have caused your addiction and how to manage these successfully.

With a highly skilled team of medical specialists, we’re able to offer a wide variety of psychological therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy, 1-1 recovery planning, bereavement counselling, motivational interviewing, trauma and abuse counselling, relapse prevention, stress management, family intervention and mediation therapy.

It’s important to combine these more traditional therapies with therapeutic methods which also focus on your well-being. These holistic techniques include relaxation and sleep management, Acupuncture and Acu-detox, diet and nutritional supplement therapy, full body massage, low level laser therapy and art, drama, and music therapies.

A combination of therapies is most important in aiding your recovery. You will be required to engage in the core aspects of your treatment programme to ensure maximum efficiency. With such a wide variety of treatment options available, we’re confident you’ll find a successful path to recovery.


How long does Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation take?

The length of your stay with us at our rehab in Haywards Heath really depends on your individual circumstances and how severe your addiction to alcohol or drugs is. However, we do strongly recommend undertaking our full rehab programme which lasts for 28 days.

Throughout your time with us, you’ll spend a portion of your treatment programme detoxifying, and the rest in inpatient care. As we feel it benefits you greatly, we also recommend a year-long aftercare programme which is again tailored specifically to you.

Upon completion of your residential treatment programme, you’ll be well on your way to achieving long-term recovery. You will of course need to return home where distractions could influence you into potentially relapsing.

Our free 12-month aftercare programme provides you with regular opportunities to meet with others in similar situations to yours, activities to maintain motivation and the space to celebrate your incredible achievements together.

Our aftercare plans also help to reduce the likelihood of relapse by providing constant support with dedicated helplines 24/7.


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